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No. No. I am not giving away these shorts as a Giveaway. That is just a lame title [:P] This is the first time I am am wearing shorts in this season. Don't know about rest of the world but it is actually summers here in Texas. Not Spring, but Summer! By the way, I do not like how this outfit is looking in the pictures. I think I am looking grumpy, fat and just terrible. Why am I still posting it then? Well, 'coz I bothered to go out and click pictures, so might as well post them. Also, no one can look good in every single outfit. Right? Just keeping it real, people!

This day had to come, so it has -  A bad outfit post!
Tank - Calvin Klein [06']; Shorts - Kazo [Delhi 11']
Shoes - Lulu*s via a Gift Card [11']

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