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Short Trip to D.C.

Day 1 (Super Cold)
Jacket - Massimo Dutti [04']; Tee - Mom's [Esprit 10'] 
Jeans - Miss Sixty [09']; Shoes - Air Walk from Payless [08']

Day 2 (Still cold but bearable) 
Jacket - Burberry [09']; Trousers - GAP [11']
Shirt - Old Navy [11']; Shoes - Tory Burch [10']

Day 3 (Super HOT!) 
Top - GAP [11']; Skirt - Old Navy [11'] 
Shoes - Me Too [09']; Necklace - For TxSCC via Charming Charlie [11']

Some of the readers have asked me that why do I never inform them (on the blog) in advance about my travel plans. As, usually, I say I am taking a break and only when I get back I spill the beans. I have narrowed down to essentially three C's (reasons) for why I do that:

1) Control: Due to the blog, most parts of my life are open for public consumption but still somewhere within me I like to feel in control of the information I give out. And choosing when and how to share it, is simply a way of doing that. 

2) Caution: Giving away your whereabouts while you will be away from home (for long periods of times) just does not sound safe to me. Last year we fell prey to a house burglary and I do not think I could live through another one. Hence, better safe than sorry?

3) Curious Cats: Unlike most bloggers a huge percentage of my readership is via non-bloggers, i.e. friends, friends-of-friends, family etc. However, due to this wide spread of people and word-of-mouth (both of which I cannot track), I have no way of knowing who is reading my blog. My recent trip back home (earlier this years) brought to my attention that anyone who is even 'remotely' related [yes! you-creepy-relative-who-never-comment-I-am-talking-about-you!] to me or has 'ever' heard my name - reads my blog! [Is it just me or does anyone else find that creepy?]. And while they are also so-called-readers and may even be 'loyal' readers, but I cannot help but wonder if they have an ulterior motive (gossip, etc.)? Therefore, it makes me wanna filter what I choose to write and share in this space! Do not want to give "them" [you know who you are!] the satisfaction...

Are my reasons justified?

To see remaining picture from my trip click here

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