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On a Cloudy Day

My main aim only aim in life has been, to keep it simple. And I mean real. simple. Like 'have food on the table, roof on my head and happiness in my heart' kinda simple. However, no matter how simple I keep it, life always finds a way to get entangled. Life gives me lemons, I make lemonade and God knows, I have enough lemonade to around half the world population! Anyhooo, I really do not have much to say lately. It is like someone came and robbed me of my thoughts and vocabulary. While I figure out how to get back on the happy-go-lucky-carefree-wagon you guys go on and enjoy the pictures! Do leave behind some positive energy ... won't ya! 

This is the second photo-shoot I did with my brother. 
First was here which I posted last month!

Dress - Ted Baker [Hand-me-down from Anita, 08']; Shoes - Charlotte Russe [10']
Make Up - By Richa 

Pictures courtesy TJ Photography