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My Almost Wedges

Remember the gift-card I won from Lulu* No? Well, then there is no point reading any further [:P] Kidding! Well, I used $100 dollars from the total already towards - guess what? - SHOES! [Hallelujah, right?] In my defense these are practically for free [No, no do not roll your eyes at me!]. I wouldn't rub that *fact* in your face [or on your screens!]... But wouldn't you be happy for me? ... Thank You :) And before I sound like an endorsement, can I just say that Lulu*s have a great customer service and so far I am happy with my experience [and this was my first purchase (!) from their website]. I haven't yet worn the second pair I got, but worry not. I shall, soon! 

In other news I am still overwhelmed by India's victory and feel so left-out hearing about all the celebrations and jubilation back home. Meh! Sometimes I hate being an adult more than anything! If I look angry grumpy in the pictures below it is exactly 'coz I wanna go back in time and be back home and dance on the streets and go crazy! God Dammit, India WON! Phew! *cools down and re-gains her classy-blogger-like composure

P.S. Dear Readers of United States of Tanvi America, do not forget to enter a chance to win a dress via the Shabby Apple's Giveaway! Also, you can use the code - FABULOUSLIFE10OFF to get 10% off your order on Shabby Apple Website!

Shoes - Giftcard from LuLu*s

Dress - Promod [10']; Jacket - Bershka [03']
Pendant - Anthropologie [10']

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