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A little Boho Vibe

I really wish I had something wise or worthy to say right now, but I do not. I have spent the evening surfing and reading in the hope that I will come across something controversial which will get my juices flowing but No! Nothing! I am in a zen state, which I guess is a good state to be in ... 

However, this zen state will end soon, as tomorrow is the Cricket World Cup Final. India Vs Sri Lanka. I think I have readers from most countries but none from Sri Lanka ... at least none that I am aware of [right!?] ... So your's truly will be waking up a 3:30am on Saturday morning to watch the match and cheer for the the Indian team via my tweets. Day before, I lost a few followers on twitter due to my extensive 'non-fashion-related-crazy-cricket-tweeting'. Oh! well, a small price to pay for patriotism! [;)] And then rest of the weekend shall be spent in slumber! 

Cheer for India my lovely readers, Cheer for India ... Won't ya? 
Dress & Cardigan - ASOS [10']; Shoes - Payless [08']; Accessories - Here & There! 

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