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Few months back when I was in India, Anushka from Bombay Bubble who also is a freelance writer for Cosmopolitan (India) Magazine contacted me about this feature. 

And then on Thursday, Sheeba, my middle school classmate and a real sweet supporter of my blog *since the very start*, informed me that she saw me in Cosmo (April 11') and bought a copy immediately! Though my brother sent me the pictures of the article at night, Sheeba, the sweetheart she is actually went ahead and scanned it and emailed it to me first thing next morning. Thank You, Sheeba! I really really really appreciate your gesture and support throughout!

If you guys, can't read that small font, this is what it says:

Name - Tanvi Ashish Rastogi
Age - 29
Blog Name - The Fabulous Life of Not So Rich and Infamous
Place - A tri-city girl! Life in New Delhi, Heart in London & Soul in Texas.

Blog Description 
This blog is a synopsis of my life. It started as a source of self-expression but has slowly transformed into a small window to what goes on in my head as well as at my home. Though daily outfits and styling is the focus for the most part but besides fashion I also touch up on fiction, films, food, and f-ilosphy, every now and then. 

I really look forward to Karla's outfit posts. For starters she doesn't post daily so that keeps the mystery alive. She also doesn't follow any trends or fashion rules which makes her style that much more interesting and exciting. Unlike many famous bloggers (from the western world) she doesn't define her style as high-end, or vintage or thrifty. Hers is a blog which inspires without overwhelming its audience. 

Upasna's blog is filled with unequaled thoughts and incidents from her life. Her daily rides on the metro, interaction with her colleagues, a cinematic blast from the past or a quirky habit ... everything seems right out of a novel and yet close to real life. She has a way with words and it has been a pleasure to be part of her life through her inimitable writing. 
I recently came across this photography blog by Smaran Sahu. Portraits, candid shots, fashion photography or random shots from life, he captures everything with an artistic eye. This boy has a knack for photography and I have been spell bound. Enough said! 

Shari who is a graphic designer runs this blog and seduces her audience daily with design images. She might not be the one clicking those pictures but find the best out of the million floating around the web on daily basis also requires a special talent! I visit her blog and she gets me excited to re-do my home!

P.S. You have a chance until Monday April 11th to win a dress via the Shabby Apple's Giveaway! You can use the code - FABULOUSLIFE10OFF  to get 10% off your order on Shabby Apple Website, as well!

I am TAKING A BREAK, you guys. The pressure to keep you all happy all the time is getting to me. Kidding. [May be! :P] When I am back (sometime next week) I will announce the winner of the giveaway. Until then, Be Good & Miss Me!

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