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For the Fitness Freaks [Part II]

Do not mean to put a damper on your weekend but it just so happens that I wanna post this on Sunday! ;) So my previous Fitness Freaks [Part I] post had mostly a good response but some of my readers felt intimidated or said that it made them feel bad about themselves. Well, I apologize, for that was definitely not the aim of the post. If I can do it, so can you!

Part II - Abdominal Area
Abdominal area otherwise known as abs, of which we all dream but very few actually make it true!

Something I have learnt over the years is that there is no one particular exercise or movement which can give flat abdominal area. It is usually an over all reduction in total body fat percentage which slowly help in toning the abdominal area. Nonetheless, to have the real "Six Packs" one needs to have a very healthy and clean diet with remote amounts of carbs and fats!

Anyhooo, the cardiovascular exercises help lose the fat from outside and abdominal exercises help tone the muscles from inside. So we need a good balance of both to have a toned-flat belly!

Below are five of my many moves ;)
Push Up on the Ball
Crunches on the Ball
Tuck Ins - on the Ball
Push ups on Bosu-Upside-Down
Swinging Planks on Bosu-Upside-Down
Reader's Question
Chandana asked: How do you so strictly maintain your lunch and dinner timings?

It requires a strict discipline but the good news is that once you start eating and sleeping at fixed hours your body automatically adapts to it and then, you start feeling hungry (and sleepy) at those exact intervals. This does require you to plan your meals and lead a rather organized life, which includes work, social life and entertainment. 

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Let's hope Monday is kind on us all :)

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