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For the Fitness Freaks [Part I]

Long time I have not done a workout post. I had thought that I have said it all. However, I have never 'showed' it all, now have I? So I hit the gym this past Sunday, when there aren't many people and got working on this post. Again,  everyone/every body is different. If you have not worked-out before seek professional help before listening to me. I am not a trainer and I do not know the technical details of the craft! This is, simply, what works for me.

Part I - Lower Body

Lower body means large muscle groups, therefore working lower body [butt, hips and thighs] means burning more calories and of course ending up with hot-lean-legs! Usually I alternate between my lower and upper body. Below are some of my favorite lower-body-exercises. To prepare for the workout - 

  • Stretch
  • Run/Jump/Skip/Hop for few minutes. Get that heart rate up
  • Balance your body weight towards the center of your feet
Step Ups
Box Jumps
Squats on Bosu
Sumo Squats (Opps! Was almost gonna fall there :P)
Side Planks

Usually I do 3-4 sets of 15-20 times each. Sometimes to mix things up I might just do each exercise for 50 times in one go and then continue as per my stamina and time.   

Reader's Question
Mans asked me - What do you eat when you get hunger pangs after 8.00pm? I always tend to get hungry around 11.00pm and wonder what to eat?

Usually I eat dinner by 5:30-6:00 pm (as long as we are eating at home) so invariably I get hungry around 8:00 pm. However, the answer to that question would depend up on what I have in my kitchen. When I there is something unhealthy (e.g. potato chips, ice cream, cookies, chocolate) my hands always reach out for it first, however when I do not have anything unhealthy I have no choice but to have a cup of yogurt (plain or flavored), glass of non-fat
lassi, a non-pulp fruit. A lot of times when there is nothing tasty in the kitchen, I lose interest in eating and curb my appetite. Drinking a lot of water also helps (very hard!). However, the good part is that I am in bed by 10:00 pm so there is no chance of being hungry while I am sleeping :) 

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