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Mini 30 for 30

What is 30 for 30? Click here to find out. This would be my second attempt at it, but a rather short one. Short how, you wonder? Well, I signed up and everything earlier this year and thought I would give it a try but soon realized that it was not possible to do it while I was in India. For starters, I didn't have access to my trust worthy photographer on daily basis. 

But I felt guilty for signing up for Kendi's challenge and not giving it a shot. While a few girls have already finished the challenged and others are in their last leg ... I didn't have the heart to do it all on my own so I thought I will just join in for the last leg and do a "10 for 10" instead. Smart eh?

I didn't get a chance to do a separate post on my 10 picks from my closet. I will just have to give you guys a run down of the 10 pieces I picked as we go along. 

1. Yellow Jersey Top - Benetton [11']
2. Pink Cardigan - Old Navy [08']
3. Green/Grey Striped Cardigan - Calvin Klein [11']
4. Full Sleeve White Tee - Marks & Spencer [05']
5. Flared Denims - Hudson [08']
6. Olive Green Skirt - J. Crew [11']
7. Grey Off Shoulder Dress - Gift [08']
8. Metallic Pumps - Kenneth Cole [09']
9. Zipper Heels - Aldo [11']
10. Floral Print Pumps - Jessica Simpson [09']

So ... Get. Set. Go?
 If you are wondering that why am I frowning? It is the sun! Really. 
Also, husband duped me into doing that MJ's dance pose. No ... R.E.A.L.L.Y.! 
Wearing (1) (5) & (10) 

 I had forgotten how comfortable these flared jeans were. 
I do not know why I stopped wearing them. Well, they are back now. Thank God! 
Wearing (2) (4) (5) & (8) 

 My ONLY impulse purchase! Back in 2005. But still. I didn't have to get this belt. I still did. 
Can't say I have gotten much use out of it yet but loved how it looked with this dress. You?
Wearing (7) & (9) 

Again, not frowning! The sun was getting in my eyes. REALLY. Even with the shades. 
Weird? Yes, but the honest truth! Also, can you tell it's the same dress from the previous day?
Wearing (1) (7) & (8) 

It has only been 5 days since I have been back and I am already planning my next holiday. 
Thank God is doesn't cost much to dream. 
Wearing (3) (6) & (10) 

In other news, I started working out again. 
Can you notice the after-workout-glow?

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