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In Command

Entry for "Who wore it Best" - "it" being that AWESOME Neck piece!
I never enter any contests. I do not know why but I haven't since a longggg time. But, you see, somehow [?] I have managed to get an entry in a “Who Wore it Best” contest, (with a prize of $75 worth of jewelry) over at Clyde's Rebirth. And now that I am officially in the contest I want to win it too! So won't you lovely (and loyal) people help me? Just go here and Vote for Tanvi. You can vote as many time as you like for one whole week! (I'm also thinking of hiring someone who keeps voting for me, all day :P ... Volunteers? ... Anyone?)

Shirt - Banana Republic [10']; Green Skinny Pants - Gap [11']; Shoes - Rare ['11]

iComment asked - "It would be nice if on some days you document all that you eat, your meal plans etc. to give us little more boost and help your readers attain a good body."

I will admit that at one point I was a crazy-calorie-counting-maniac. I needed that discipline in the beginning. I needed to guide my brain to help me control my appetite and also needed change my eating habits. 
  • Less fried food
  • More vegetables and fruits
  • Less sweets and chocolates
However, I have been at a stable weight for last 3 years. I have stopped counting calories. I workout for 3-4 times a week for 30 or 60 minutes (as work and life permits). I eat whatever my heart desires but in small portions. When I do not workout, I lose strength and stamina and my body doesn't look as toned but *luckily* I my weight and body dimensions do not fluctuate *touchwood* any more. (Lesson: If you workout regularly and strenuously your body learns to adapt to your life's ups and downs!)

The reason I am telling you this is because I do not have a meal plan. I roughly know what I am going to eat as I know what groceries I have in the refrigerator but there is no fixed schedule. I am not sure if this will be helpful but I have stated my meals in the form of options:  

Breakfast Options: 7am
Glass of Milk & a bowl of Fruit or
Muesli with Milk or
Flavored Yogurt & Toast or
Glass of Juice & Toast

Mid-AM Snack Options: 9am
Whatever I didn't have for breakfast
I have it 2 hours later
e.g. If I had Muesli with Milk for breakfast 
I will have Glass of Juice & Toast at 9am

Lunch Options: Between 11am-Noon

Cous-Cous and Quinoa with Vegetables or
Vegetable Sandwich or
Wheat & Flax Seed Toast with a vegetable or avocado dip or
Rice Vermicelli with Tofu & Vegetable or
Whole Wheat Pasta with Vegetables
(The options are not limited to this but these are few of my favorite items)

Mid-Afternoon Snack: 2pmWheat & Flax Seed Crackers with Humous or
Slice Cranberry and Walnut Bread with any dip or
Flavored Yogurt

Dinner Options: Between 5-6pm
Bowl of cooked lentils and sautéed vegetables and a cup of plain yoghurt or
6" Veggie Delight from Sunday on 9 Grain Honey Oat (No Cheese. No Dressing) or
Whole Wheat Quesadilla with grilled peppers and tomatoes or
Thin Crust Whole Wheat Pizza with Pesto and vegetables
(Lunch options can always be used as Dinner options)

Also, everyone is different. Every body is different. Each one of us has different metabolism, strength, body size, needs, allergies, diseases, etc. All of these play a role in your level of fitness. Do not compare yourself to the next person, but do use them as a source of motivation. At least that's what I do. 

P.S. *Adds sheepishly* on the oh.just.a.little.popular.demand of few of my readers I have opened a sub-blog at Shop My Closet for those who might wanna help to make space in my closet for all my new 'shopping endeavors"! You can also find the link to the shop on the right. I have listed a few things there and will continue to add every now and then! Go on, have a look ... 

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