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How to style a Kurti/Tunic?

Reader's Request 

I know that I have been giving a lot of fashion advice lately ... like here, here, and here, Phew! [Right!?!] Well in my defense, people asked me and now you all are stuck with this post [:P] Blame 'em! 

And for people who do not what a Kurti is? ... It is otherwise known as a Tunic in the western world, and is a traditional piece of clothing for most South Asians specially in Indian Sub-Continent. They are designed to fit loosely and women 
mostly wear them with jeans. 

Though a reader asked to me to tell her a few ways to style a Kurti but there are not very many options in the styles that a Kurti comes in, hence the only way to style them
differently would be either with: 
- different types of bottoms 
- with different accessories
- and my favorite - SHOES

However, o
ne of the critical points to focus upon wearing a Kurti would be your body type. If you are:
Kurtis mostly comes in three lengths:1) Waist lengthNot for - Pear and Apple2) Ending right below the hipsNot for - Pear and Hour glass3) Ending about few inches above kneesNot for - Cone and Rectangle 

Now we cannot possibly have a post without my pictures, now can we
So here's how I have worn Kurtis a several times in the last year!

UpdatedInky Pinky asked the difference between a Kurta and a Kurti in the comments below - As she pointed out, in my understanding as well the ones with shorter lengths are called Kurtis and the ones which goes all the way down till the calfs are called Kurtas and are worn both, by men and women. 

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