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How to Color-Block your outfit?

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Let me begin this post with Fitness today. 

let me re-start ... Multi-talented Sabine from PSYNOPSIS asked me this question here: Do you focus on specific areas you want to train or just go for general fitness?

When I have a good routine going on I divide my workout between - Upper Body and Abdominal exercises or Lower Body and Abdominal exercises, alternating between each of them. However, when I know that I would not be able to workout through the week or when I am on a holiday (
and can barely squeeze in a workout) I focus on total body workout (in whatever time I have) which involves interval training and strength training. I hope I answered your question, Sabine!

If anyone else has any fitness related questions feel free to ask me. If I think I am 'capable' enough to answer them I definitely would. 

And now back to fashion ... 
10 for 10 involved a lot of the current (?) trend of Color Blocking (unintentionally).

Reader's Request 
30 for 30 ... a la Tanvi = 10 for 10 :P 

How to color-block? 

Easy. Just put any two (or three) colors together and you have successfully color-blocked! Well, to break it down there are essentially two ways you can go about it - 

1) Keeping it neutral 
Mix colors of the same family like baby pink with a bright fuchsia pink or sky blue with a royal blue or a burnt orange with fiery red. Get it? I would pair this with a pair of nude or gold/silver footwear, since we are keeping it neutral! 

2) Keeping it shocking  
Go crazyyy!!! Throw contrasting colors together! Purple and Orange, Neon and Pink, Yellow and Green etc. etc. etc. And since we are already going all crazy here I would personally wear it with a pair of shocking contrasting shoes too! 

However, if you are not yet ready to go all "Gaga" over this trend with your outfits, you can start small - by simply adding a contracting bag, scarf, belt or even a cardigan would do (in my dictionary)!

Have you color-blocked recently?
If yes, then please share the link with me in the comments below. 

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  1. Ah that sounds nice n simple. I might hav done this before on various occassions, i just dint know what u call it. :)

  2. That colour really zings out when you collage those picures!
    I always colour block, but suddenly it's become big news.
    Me last week:
    Me last year:

  3. Gotta love crazy combos- I'm normally more reserved but these are too fun!

  4. Loved your post! Well done on the colour blocking, I spoke about colour blocking yesterday on my radio segment and I should have told my listeners to go to your blog so that they could see how to colour block perfectly :) x

  5. You are an expert color blocker! I am too 'scared' to go crazy with color, but i really should experiment a bit more. I love it when you tell us about your fitness routines, it's really inspiring! :)


  6. Oh, I'm so pleased my question got picked and answered so elaborately, Tanvi. Thank you! I've developed a 15 minute daily yoga thingy which (should) cover most body parts (and gives me a bit of stretching, too).
    Great colour blocking! I think the neutral base can really pull things together.

  7. This is a great post, color blocking can be so much fun if done right!
    Have an amazing day!

  8. Great tip on workout. I think that is applicable to men too.

  9. I love color blocking and the crazy combos, here's my link to the post on it

  10. All the outfits looks so fab on you Tanvi. How do you manage it every single time :) I should try out the color block ideas, nice excuse you have given me now, to go shopping :)!

  11. I love the colour of the peach / coral cardigan plus all the yellow in your outfits. I usually like to mix lots of clashing colours. Perhaps I should try a little subtlety for a change.

  12. Hey, i had commented on your 'birthday post' abt an award waiting for you at my blog, you still havent claimed it. don't want it? if not then tell me so, shall pass it on to someone else so that the flow doesn't halt.

  13. I love your work-out ideas. Thanks sweetie and what a great colour-blocking tips:) Im going to try them. Kisses, sweetie

    Ps: I’m hosting a charming jewelry GIVEAWAY today! Hope you’ll join in:)

  14. I love the new trend of color blocking! I have yet to wear the style out in public, but I'm working on some outfits.


  15. I focus on the entir body when I work out also. Great color blocking tips. You are the master blogger.:) Have a great week.

  16. Great blog :)

  17. waaauuuw I ADORE every single outfit :) Love your blog!!


  18. you are very good at color blocking. i'm all about keeping it neutral.

  19. I am most obsessed with colorblocking right now! I'm on a cusp of purchasing a dress that will let me finally rock this trend!

  20. Love colorblocking! But I honestly haven't done it in a while because it's been black black and more black for the winter. Looking forward to doing it soon now that it's warming up! :) xoxo

  21. I love colour blocking. I really need to add more colour into my wardrobe. I wore a red top yesterday, which was a huge step for me!
    But I like your tips. I'll start off with an accessory.

  22. Colour blocking works so well with skirts too. There are even dresses with colour blocking out now. So true about many bloggers being Piscean. Its the creative side in us looking for an outlet!

  23. Color blocking is not my cup of tea. Or may be I should say, I haven't found my interpretation of this concept yet.

  24. Love this post, fitness tips are always a favorite of mine, and I really enjoyed learning about color blocking :)


  25. I love color blocking but havent played around with it a whole lot. I am going to try it keeping ur second tip in mind:-)

  26. sometimes the person's haircolor also provides a contrast against the outfit!
    Meetu D

  27. You are a master of colorblocking! I love it!

  28. Interesting tips...I would say one of the main things also is BE CONFIDENT...because that makes a world of a difference...If you look comfortable and natural in in..I think automatically the outfit reflects that. Liking the yellow combinations and pink combinations...really eye-catching.



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