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How to Color-Block your outfit?

Let me begin this post with Fitness today. 

let me re-start ... Multi-talented Sabine from PSYNOPSIS asked me this question here: Do you focus on specific areas you want to train or just go for general fitness?

When I have a good routine going on I divide my workout between - Upper Body and Abdominal exercises or Lower Body and Abdominal exercises, alternating between each of them. However, when I know that I would not be able to workout through the week or when I am on a holiday (
and can barely squeeze in a workout) I focus on total body workout (in whatever time I have) which involves interval training and strength training. I hope I answered your question, Sabine!

If anyone else has any fitness related questions feel free to ask me. If I think I am 'capable' enough to answer them I definitely would. 

And now back to fashion ... 
10 for 10 involved a lot of the current (?) trend of Color Blocking (unintentionally).

Reader's Request 
30 for 30 ... a la Tanvi = 10 for 10 :P 

How to color-block? 

Easy. Just put any two (or three) colors together and you have successfully color-blocked! Well, to break it down there are essentially two ways you can go about it - 

1) Keeping it neutral 
Mix colors of the same family like baby pink with a bright fuchsia pink or sky blue with a royal blue or a burnt orange with fiery red. Get it? I would pair this with a pair of nude or gold/silver footwear, since we are keeping it neutral! 

2) Keeping it shocking  
Go crazyyy!!! Throw contrasting colors together! Purple and Orange, Neon and Pink, Yellow and Green etc. etc. etc. And since we are already going all crazy here I would personally wear it with a pair of shocking contrasting shoes too! 

However, if you are not yet ready to go all "Gaga" over this trend with your outfits, you can start small - by simply adding a contracting bag, scarf, belt or even a cardigan would do (in my dictionary)!

Have you color-blocked recently?
If yes, then please share the link with me in the comments below. 

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