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Holiday Lookbook - Night

So, Continuing from my previous post ... these are the 'Night' Looks. 

Now before y'all go ahead and start judging me you should know a little something about Dubai. While it is a great city, shopping paradise and yada yada yada ... It is definitely fighting for the top position in the category of - City where world's most superficial, materialistic and show-off people live

Don't get me wrong, I am not the one to generalize and put everyone in a box but if you have been there or lived there, you'd know what I mean. Everything and everyone is about the bling-bling, there. What car you drive, which vicinity you live in, who are your friends, where do you hang out over the weekend, where do you take vacation, what hand bag you carry (catch my drift, yet?) will determine how people treat you! Therefore, having lived there and been aware of the society, I was still not bling enough. In fact I would probably even be under dressed on most times ... 

Now ... go ahead! ... Judge me ;)
Look 1
Blazer - Urban Outfitters [10']; Pants - BCBG [10']
Shoes - Charlotte Russe [10']

Look 2
Jacket - Michael Kors [08']; Dress - BCBG [09']
Flats - Guiseppe Zanotti [11']; Later I changed in to these green peep-toes for dinner. 

Look 3
Dress - Gift [Aunt 10']; Peep Toes - Charlotte Russe [10']
Necklace - ASOS [10']

Look 4
Bodysuit - Mango [10']; Skirt - Vintage (The only 'real' vintage item I own) [10'] 
Tights - Hue [09']; Heels - Dolce Vita [10']

Look 5                                                     Look 6
(Look 5) Dress - Miss Sixty [06']; Shoes - Ted Baker [09']
(Look 6) Dress - French Connection [10']; Cardigan - Karen Millen [09']; Flats - Tory Burch [10']

I am back from an awe.some weekend at TxSCC and while I am dying to spill the beans about what happened, what all I have learnt and whom all I saw ... I am quite tired after the long weekend and the drive back. 

However, if you are too eager and cannot wait for me to get my act together ... Check out the blogs of a few bloggers I met there and have already updated their blogs about it. 

Asma from Haute Muslimah
Kileen from Cute and Little
Jess from Hello Wife 

Can I just say, I love Blogging even more now! 

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