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Hello! Spring

Cardigan - Karen Millen [08']; Dress - Gift [Aunt 09']; 
Shoes - Miss L-Fire [08']; Earrings - Gift [Mom 10']

Life is beautiful. It really is ... I have a tendency of being happy (and sad, but we'll leave that part out for now) out-of-the-blue for no rhyme or reason. It is like a fuse goes off in my head I decide, "I am going to be happy today!". It is really that simple for me. If you were able to somehow peek into my home (which you of course can't!) on one of such days, you would probably find me singing on top of my voice, or frolicking around my house, playing dress up with the prettiest dress in my closet, or just dancing the night day away. Oh! and when I am happy I cannot write (or give lectures) I am so busy being happy. So I will save my profound thoughts and wise'n-you-guys-up some other day [:P]. For now lets celebrate the fact that Spring is here. Yesterday was officially the first day of spring. Time to wave goodbye to the winter's chill and welcome the summer's warmth. I am ready. Are you?

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