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Happiness is a state of Mind

You know how people say if you want something to happen, you really need to want it badly? I believe in the opposite, if you want something then let it be ... and if it is worth it then it will happen! By no means do I mean that you should sit on your ass and indulge in wishful thinking. What I mean is, do not let your happiness be dependent on any one thing/person. My father has always taught us [I always say 'us' 'coz me and my brother often got these lessons together so I have a habit of always using the word 'us'] that your hard work and positivity should focus on what you want but your happiness and mental peace should be independent of the outcome. 

Though I am very anal about small things in life [like I need everything to be in order at.all.times!] but when it comes to the major life altering changes, I am quite adaptive. I never let my happiness be pinned upon any one thing or person. To be happy is really a decision and not a by product of an activity or possession. Even my prayers are diplomatic - Dear God, if you think that 'xyz' is good for me then please help me get it 'coz I am kinda crazy about it but in your wise judgement if you think it is not 'good' for me then I will understand if I do not get it. - So, how smart am I?

The point I am trying to make is that life is a journey towards your goals and ambitions. They all cannot come true in one month or year! You add them, like feathers in your cap, one by one ... over a lifetime!   

Men's Shirt & a Lace Skirt  
Outfit Inspiration via Lazymanxcat
Pictures courtesy my brother aka TJ Photography

Shirt - From Men's Aisle @ Marshalls [10']; Skirt - Gift [Megha 06']; 
Black Lace Pumps - Dolce Vita [10']; Belt - Borrowed from my Brother

That's Richa, who did my make up for the shoot!

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