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10 for 10 - The End

This wasn't hard at all. It got over even before I realized and I had a lot more fun than the previous time too [when I did do 30 for 30].  

The believe the trick lies in picking the pieces. It is not that hard if you are willing to break all the rules and not follow any trends or are not stubborn enough to stick to what is chic and stylish according to the 'fashion police'! 

Here's the remedy to keep the challenge interesting (and easy!) in my experience, 
a) Pick a few pieces that you haven't worn in sometime
b) Pick a few pieces that you recently purchased
c) Match them with a few pair of versatile shoes
That's it! In the end you feel good about yourself 'coz hey! you are using stuff you didn't for a longggg time. You are also excited to dress everyday 'coz hey! you are going to be wearing stuff you recently purchased. So the final result is - complete gratification. Though I think 30 days was a bit too long for my sanity, but 10 to 15 is something I can definitely manage every few months. 30 for 30 ... 10 for 10 ... What's going on? Click here to find out. 

10 pieces I had picked:
1. Yellow Jersey Top - Benetton [11']
2. Pink Cardigan - Old Navy [08']
3. Green/Grey Striped Cardigan - Calvin Klein [11']
4. Full Sleeve White Tee - Marks & Spencer [05']
5. Flared Denims - Hudson [08']
6. Olive Green Skirt - J. Crew [11']
7. Grey Off Shoulder Dress - Gift [08']
8. Metallic Pumps - Kenneth Cole [09']
9. Zipper Heels - Aldo [11']
10. Floral Print Pumps - Jessica Simpson [09']

Wearing (2) (7) & (8) 
Wearing (3) (7) & (10) 
Wearing (1) (6) & (9) 
Wearing (3) (5) & (9) 
Wearing (2) (6) & (8) 
I have received a few requests to blog about fitness again. I am more than willing to but since I have already said everything I had to it would be easier if you sent me your questions/queries here. I will try and do a post soon. Sounds good?

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