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Photo Diary - Snob Girls at Urban Pind

Shruti - Anubha - Me - Ginny [Left to Right]
Photography by Ginny Sharma 

On Sunday, I met up with few of my middle school friends for Lunch. I have been nostalgic ever since. As you can see there were a lot of laughs, a little bit of gossiping and even less(er) bitching [Yaa, right! Right?] ... And unlike boys, girls do not even need alcohol to get all melancholic and yap-yap-yap! ... I think the best thing about old friends is that no matter after how long you meet it seems time hasn't passed at all. We always seem to pick it up from where we left off. It is only after meeting them (every year) I realize how innocent, simple and fun our childhood was and start wishing that things [and relationships] were as simple and straight forward as they were in school-days.  

Anyhooo, the most important thing about the afternoon was - Shopping! Four weeks in Delhi and this was the first time I indulged in some 'Delhi-type' shopping - Lots of cotton kurtas [tunics!] ... Can't wait for spring/summer to come now. 

Dress - Miss Sixty [06']; Hearts Cardigan - Joy [10']; Shoes - Tory Burch [10']
Outfit shots by Mom

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