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Lady Danger in action...

Tank - Kazo [Delhi 11']; Skirt - Mango [11']; Shoes - ???! [Delhi, 06']
Lip color - Lady Danger [MAC, 11']

I am back in the States [Yay!]. Home is where heart is? Yes? Hence, Home Sweet Home! Cooked in my kitchen after over 2 months. Watched some good olé American Television after 2 months. Finally got to see an award show live in 2011, last night [Oscars!]. You can see how happy I am to be back, right

However, the above shots were taken in Goa where I spent my birthday weekend which was just one week back. Wow, time flies or time flies? And while we are on the topic, can I say THANK YOU again to all the lovely birthday wishes which have been pouring in all week. I had a blast and all the wishes just made it extra special. Thank You very much!

I am still recovering from the polluted airplane air, jet lag, and what not so will bore you with my rants another time. For now, if you want to see more GOA pictures, click here. Or don't. Your wish ;)

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