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Illusion of Perfection

Dressed for a dinner at home! 
Kaftan - Hand-me-down from Anita; Leggings - BCBG [09']; 
Juttis (Shoes) - From Amritsar [11']

I have realized recently that everyone has an image about each other according to their version of "expectations". We are all gauging each other's actions as per what we think is the right way to exist. It is easier in the professional world or where there is a book of etiquettes (provided one has read it!), for there are a set guideline to operate within. But in life woven with intricate relationships everyone is 'apparently' walking on pins and needles. 

Being an opinionated and judgmental person myself, I am not free from this disease either. But since I am on a unsaid struggle for life to survive on my own terms, I have started focusing all my energies on myself. I have decided to give up the illusion of perfection and simply live by being myself. Even the thought of trying to be someone else's "version of existence or expectation" is way more stressful than the actual struggle of staying true to myself. 

If it all went over your head and you didn't understand then do not worry about it, we'll hopefully be back to happy and merry life stories tomorrow. And just in case you got it, then 'Hang in there!' This too shall pass...

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