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I am vain and I love it

I am blessed with a lot of photographers in my life. You all know Mr. Fabulous and his 'natural' knack for photography. Then there is my brother, who indulges in some recreational photography [like here] but most importantly, my favorite human being in this world - ANITA - is a professional photographer, who calls me her muse and I'm happy to oblige [;)] ....

During the shoot, I would make poses or give expressions and she would go, "Good ... Good ... Very Good!" These words never sounded better to me. "Good" didn't mean much when teachers wrote them on my School Report Card as it did during the photo shoot ... Hence, Me - to myself - "Vain, much?" ;)

Disclaimer - Photo HEAVY! 

Anita works under the pseudo identity of Myraa Ahuja and will soon have her website up and running. 

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