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How to Mix Prints Intelligently?

Reader's Request - Mixing Prints

Mixing prints has been ‘in’ for several seasons now and will help you get another season's worth of wear out of your favourite florals and stripes. Though it can be a risky trend to indulge in but if you get it right it will totally be worth your while.

Here’s how you can stay clear of a faux-pas while mixing prints:

1. Stick to a color palette. Mixing prints and colors at the same time can be a bit overwhelming
2. Mix two different prints like polka dots and stripes, or floral and plaid [instead of stripes on stripes, etc] keeping one of the prints bolder and busier than the other.  
3. Indulge in minimal accessories if the top of the outfit has a busier print. For example, a simple long chain, or a thin-beaded necklace would work wonders here. Incorporating earrings, belts, and bracelets would be a better option while mixing prints to avoid crowding the outfit.  
4. Keep the shoes single tone and plain so that the focus stays on the outfit. Black would often be ideal and a safe bet here. However, you can always experiment with another color depending on the color palette of your outfit.
5. In Winters, you can always finish off a look with a complimenting blazer or jacket. This will keep you away from look way-over-the-top and still look interesting.

Incorporating almost all my tips from above here.
Stripes and Print [Similar to Dots]. The color palette has many options here.  
You could mix prints waist down too! 
It is a mix of contrasting colors but since the cardigan is not a heavy print, it works!
The old rule of ‘one print at a time’ is soon becoming obsolete. Mixing prints is an art and is all over the Runway now. Give it a try but at the end of the day, always trust your instincts and have fun with fashion!

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