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How to look chic in sweat pants?

Reader's Request
ASOS [10]
1. Dinner Date
2. Lunch and Movie
3. Bowling

I have worn these sweats on three occasions so far. I am aware that many Fashion critics do not approve of sweats in public but then when have I ever cared of what others think [even if they are so called Fashion Police?]. I personally think they are a great substitute for jeans and leggings. There are days when a girl wants nothing is hugging her legs and waist so tight and she can freely breathe [I know I do!]. 
  • Go for 3/4 ones if you do not want to look you just got out of the gym
  • If your body (waist) allows then tuck in the top to give it a sleek look
  • Alternatively if you think you cannot rock the above look you can wear a loose tunic/top and belt it to give some dimension to your body
  • Lastly pair it with a Jacket but make sure it doesn't go below your lower-waist else you will right out of the gym! 
  • Accessorize according to your outfit. e.g. I always play around the neckline of the top I am wearing, making sure my necklace is visible yet not covering the top itself.
  • Lastly the shoes are most important. Heels would add an automatic oomph but you have to plan according to the venue also. 
I hope these tips are helpful. I am no stylist! but this is how I think when I dress. If you do have any more questions feel free to ask!

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