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29 Years Later...

Me - Few Months old!

It's my birthday today. 

Feel free to send me gifts! If you are not sure what to gift me then worry not, I accept cash too! [Only half-joking :P]

My greatest achievement in life probably has been that I have led a happy, positive, and an entertaining life for Twenty. Nine. Years. Not a great achievement you say? Well, that's not my problem now, is it? :P 

I thought I will make a list of 29 reasons why I love my life. More than anything it is for myself, to reflect and appreciate all the awesomeness that surounds me and to thank 'life' for being so kind to me!

Here are the 29 reasons why I love my life!
1. For starters, 'coz I am awesome! [My life is awesome 'coz of me. Duh! right? ;)]
2. I have a strong and supportive family who loves me unconditionally
3. My husband is loving and sweet. Also, one of the most considerate people I know! 
4. 'Coz Anita is part of my life [What would I do without her?]
5. I have an ability to think straight (and logically!) Trust me, you need it to live happily!
6. 'Coz everyone gives into my whims and fancies [I am spoilt rotten]
7. I have straight & shiny hair 365 days [Bad hair days can really ruin your perfect life]
8. I had an economically stable childhood [One of the most important blessings!]
9. I have friends almost in every country [Makes me feel like a citizen of the world]
10. 'Coz I can do anything that I put my mind to [You Bet!]
11. I have an irrepressible need to be fair towards everyone [Love/Hate that!]
12. 'Coz I was (and am!) a good student [Has its perks]
13. 'Coz I have a decent sense of style, hence I never look like a freak :P
14. I have a personal photographers in 3 cities :) [Aides my Vanity!]
15. 'Coz I got an opportunity to lose all that weight and maintain it over all these years
16. I have an ability to bounce back from anything [Take that, karma!]
17. I have travelled to 21 countries [Long way to go ... clock is ticking...]
18. I have lived in 5 countries [Reason for an overall awareness]
19. 'Coz I am a clean and organized person [Cleanliness is Godliness]
20. I have hobbies that can keep me occupied for months in a stretch [Creative] 
21. 'Coz I can translate my thoughts in to clear words/sentences [Gives me clarity]
22. 'Coz Movies and Music is a part of it. [Life pre-cinema was definitely not for me]
23. 'Coz I was born in India [Wouldn't ever wanna change that. Never!]
24. 'Coz I have the best qualities of both my parents [Thank You, for the genes ;)]
25. 'Coz I do not focus on negativity for too long [Life is too short!]
26. 'Coz finally Chocolate & Me can co-exist with the same waist-size [My first love]
27. I have nothing to complain or whine about on most days [That's huge!]
28. I have a healthy body, now! [My greatest asset]
29. 'Coz everything works out for the best, in the end. [Amen!]

Now, lets hope and pray that I can continue adding something worthwhile to the list each year that I survive in this mad circus called Life. Oh! ... and of course this is not up for debate. I doubt anyone else would know better than me about why I love my life, right? :) 

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