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Lady Danger in action...

Tank - Kazo [Delhi 11']; Skirt - Mango [11']; Shoes - ???! [Delhi, 06']
Lip color - Lady Danger [MAC, 11']

I am back in the States [Yay!]. Home is where heart is? Yes? Hence, Home Sweet Home! Cooked in my kitchen after over 2 months. Watched some good olé American Television after 2 months. Finally got to see an award show live in 2011, last night [Oscars!]. You can see how happy I am to be back, right

However, the above shots were taken in Goa where I spent my birthday weekend which was just one week back. Wow, time flies or time flies? And while we are on the topic, can I say THANK YOU again to all the lovely birthday wishes which have been pouring in all week. I had a blast and all the wishes just made it extra special. Thank You very much!

I am still recovering from the polluted airplane air, jet lag, and what not so will bore you with my rants another time. For now, if you want to see more GOA pictures, click here. Or don't. Your wish ;)

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How to look chic in sweat pants?

Reader's Request
ASOS [10]
1. Dinner Date
2. Lunch and Movie
3. Bowling

I have worn these sweats on three occasions so far. I am aware that many Fashion critics do not approve of sweats in public but then when have I ever cared of what others think [even if they are so called Fashion Police?]. I personally think they are a great substitute for jeans and leggings. There are days when a girl wants nothing is hugging her legs and waist so tight and she can freely breathe [I know I do!]. 
  • Go for 3/4 ones if you do not want to look you just got out of the gym
  • If your body (waist) allows then tuck in the top to give it a sleek look
  • Alternatively if you think you cannot rock the above look you can wear a loose tunic/top and belt it to give some dimension to your body
  • Lastly pair it with a Jacket but make sure it doesn't go below your lower-waist else you will right out of the gym! 
  • Accessorize according to your outfit. e.g. I always play around the neckline of the top I am wearing, making sure my necklace is visible yet not covering the top itself.
  • Lastly the shoes are most important. Heels would add an automatic oomph but you have to plan according to the venue also. 
I hope these tips are helpful. I am no stylist! but this is how I think when I dress. If you do have any more questions feel free to ask!

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Phew! A breaT͟Her

Thank you for all the awesome  birthday wishes! I had a simple yet an awesome birthday. Sometimes the pressure to do something special on birthday forces me to do absolutely nothing at all. Unfortunately I did not take any outfit shot on my birthday. However, this is what I wore the next day (or yesterday) for dinner with friends. 

 Leggings - TJ Maxx [09']
 Kurti (Tunic) - Cottons [11']
Shoes - Aldo [11']

It was quite a list the other day. So, I decided to keep is short and simple today ... Give everyone a breather between posts. ;) 

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29 Years Later...

Me - Few Months old!

It's my birthday today. 

Feel free to send me gifts! If you are not sure what to gift me then worry not, I accept cash too! [Only half-joking :P]

My greatest achievement in life probably has been that I have led a happy, positive, and an entertaining life for Twenty. Nine. Years. Not a great achievement you say? Well, that's not my problem now, is it? :P 

I thought I will make a list of 29 reasons why I love my life. More than anything it is for myself, to reflect and appreciate all the awesomeness that surounds me and to thank 'life' for being so kind to me!

Here are the 29 reasons why I love my life!
1. For starters, 'coz I am awesome! [My life is awesome 'coz of me. Duh! right? ;)]
2. I have a strong and supportive family who loves me unconditionally
3. My husband is loving and sweet. Also, one of the most considerate people I know! 
4. 'Coz Anita is part of my life [What would I do without her?]
5. I have an ability to think straight (and logically!) Trust me, you need it to live happily!
6. 'Coz everyone gives into my whims and fancies [I am spoilt rotten]
7. I have straight & shiny hair 365 days [Bad hair days can really ruin your perfect life]
8. I had an economically stable childhood [One of the most important blessings!]
9. I have friends almost in every country [Makes me feel like a citizen of the world]
10. 'Coz I can do anything that I put my mind to [You Bet!]
11. I have an irrepressible need to be fair towards everyone [Love/Hate that!]
12. 'Coz I was (and am!) a good student [Has its perks]
13. 'Coz I have a decent sense of style, hence I never look like a freak :P
14. I have a personal photographers in 3 cities :) [Aides my Vanity!]
15. 'Coz I got an opportunity to lose all that weight and maintain it over all these years
16. I have an ability to bounce back from anything [Take that, karma!]
17. I have travelled to 21 countries [Long way to go ... clock is ticking...]
18. I have lived in 5 countries [Reason for an overall awareness]
19. 'Coz I am a clean and organized person [Cleanliness is Godliness]
20. I have hobbies that can keep me occupied for months in a stretch [Creative] 
21. 'Coz I can translate my thoughts in to clear words/sentences [Gives me clarity]
22. 'Coz Movies and Music is a part of it. [Life pre-cinema was definitely not for me]
23. 'Coz I was born in India [Wouldn't ever wanna change that. Never!]
24. 'Coz I have the best qualities of both my parents [Thank You, for the genes ;)]
25. 'Coz I do not focus on negativity for too long [Life is too short!]
26. 'Coz finally Chocolate & Me can co-exist with the same waist-size [My first love]
27. I have nothing to complain or whine about on most days [That's huge!]
28. I have a healthy body, now! [My greatest asset]
29. 'Coz everything works out for the best, in the end. [Amen!]

Now, lets hope and pray that I can continue adding something worthwhile to the list each year that I survive in this mad circus called Life. Oh! ... and of course this is not up for debate. I doubt anyone else would know better than me about why I love my life, right? :) 

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I am vain in Purple too!

Photo Heavy!


This is the second part of the photo-shoot with my beloved Anita. Did I mention the previous time that these pictures are all au naturale? There isn't an ounce of makeup (except the sun screen and moisturizer). Its just me and her lens. She was definitely born to do this and I am only lucky to have her as my friend [hopefully I can squeeze such shoots in the name of friendship every few months, Right Ani?]. 

Anita works under the pseudo identity of Myraa Ahuja and will soon have her website up and running. In case you missed it, you can check out the first set of pictures here

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Top/Tunic - COS [10']; Pants - Part of an Indian Suit [07']
Juttis (Shoes) - From Amritsar [11']; Necklace - Forced Anita to gift it me *giggle* [11']
Outfit shots by my friend Swati

On some days I am all about prints, on other days all about polka dots, and then sometimes about both. Together. But there are also days when I am all about single tone colors. Creams & Pastels. Plain & Simple.

Was meeting a friend (Swati) over for an impromptu lunch, followed by a little more Kurti (tunics) shopping and then unwinding the day while sitting with my Grand Mom. Somedays suck ... while others are kind. 

Life is fair, sometimes! ... No? 

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How to Mix Prints Intelligently?

Reader's Request - Mixing Prints

Mixing prints has been ‘in’ for several seasons now and will help you get another season's worth of wear out of your favourite florals and stripes. Though it can be a risky trend to indulge in but if you get it right it will totally be worth your while.

Here’s how you can stay clear of a faux-pas while mixing prints:

1. Stick to a color palette. Mixing prints and colors at the same time can be a bit overwhelming
2. Mix two different prints like polka dots and stripes, or floral and plaid [instead of stripes on stripes, etc] keeping one of the prints bolder and busier than the other.  
3. Indulge in minimal accessories if the top of the outfit has a busier print. For example, a simple long chain, or a thin-beaded necklace would work wonders here. Incorporating earrings, belts, and bracelets would be a better option while mixing prints to avoid crowding the outfit.  
4. Keep the shoes single tone and plain so that the focus stays on the outfit. Black would often be ideal and a safe bet here. However, you can always experiment with another color depending on the color palette of your outfit.
5. In Winters, you can always finish off a look with a complimenting blazer or jacket. This will keep you away from look way-over-the-top and still look interesting.

Incorporating almost all my tips from above here.
Stripes and Print [Similar to Dots]. The color palette has many options here.  
You could mix prints waist down too! 
It is a mix of contrasting colors but since the cardigan is not a heavy print, it works!
The old rule of ‘one print at a time’ is soon becoming obsolete. Mixing prints is an art and is all over the Runway now. Give it a try but at the end of the day, always trust your instincts and have fun with fashion!

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Illusion of Perfection

Dressed for a dinner at home! 
Kaftan - Hand-me-down from Anita; Leggings - BCBG [09']; 
Juttis (Shoes) - From Amritsar [11']

I have realized recently that everyone has an image about each other according to their version of "expectations". We are all gauging each other's actions as per what we think is the right way to exist. It is easier in the professional world or where there is a book of etiquettes (provided one has read it!), for there are a set guideline to operate within. But in life woven with intricate relationships everyone is 'apparently' walking on pins and needles. 

Being an opinionated and judgmental person myself, I am not free from this disease either. But since I am on a unsaid struggle for life to survive on my own terms, I have started focusing all my energies on myself. I have decided to give up the illusion of perfection and simply live by being myself. Even the thought of trying to be someone else's "version of existence or expectation" is way more stressful than the actual struggle of staying true to myself. 

If it all went over your head and you didn't understand then do not worry about it, we'll hopefully be back to happy and merry life stories tomorrow. And just in case you got it, then 'Hang in there!' This too shall pass...

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Photo Diary - Train to Amritsar

Earlier this week I made a day trip to Amritsar, Punjab. This was my second time in the city but the first time with my husband. I am in love with the city. People are friendly, civil and polite. Food is delicious. Shopping is fabulous and cheap. What else could one want, right? Places we visited:

1. Wagah Border, which is the only road border crossing between Pakistan and India, and lies on the Grand Trunk Road between the cities of Lahore (Pakistan) and Amritsar (India). This border has a great significance due to our history and strained relationship with Pakistan. If curious to know more, click here!

2. The Golden Temple or otherwise known as The Harmandir Sahib (meaning Temple of God). It a prominent place of worship for Sikhs. Although I am not Sikh and neither am I religious, I do find peace here. There is a sanguine and positive vibe about the place. Definitely a place I will be coming back to again. 

3. Jallianwala Bagh is famous for the massacre that that happened on April 13th 1919 when Brigadier-General Reginald Dyer commanded his soldiers to shoot unarmed civilians which included men, women and children. The shooting lasted for almost 15 minutes and about 1500 people were injured and 1000 were killed. This day is marked at an important incident in the Indian Struggle of Independence. 

4. Last but not the least Amritsar is famous of the delicious food you get there. I indulged in Amritsari Naan and Chaane [Chickpeas] while husband gorged Makke ki Roti [Corn Bread] and Sarson ka Saag. All I can say is that I am ready to go back for the food, mostly :P 

A must visit place if you are in North India! 

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Photo Diary - Snob Girls at Urban Pind

Shruti - Anubha - Me - Ginny [Left to Right]
Photography by Ginny Sharma 

On Sunday, I met up with few of my middle school friends for Lunch. I have been nostalgic ever since. As you can see there were a lot of laughs, a little bit of gossiping and even less(er) bitching [Yaa, right! Right?] ... And unlike boys, girls do not even need alcohol to get all melancholic and yap-yap-yap! ... I think the best thing about old friends is that no matter after how long you meet it seems time hasn't passed at all. We always seem to pick it up from where we left off. It is only after meeting them (every year) I realize how innocent, simple and fun our childhood was and start wishing that things [and relationships] were as simple and straight forward as they were in school-days.  

Anyhooo, the most important thing about the afternoon was - Shopping! Four weeks in Delhi and this was the first time I indulged in some 'Delhi-type' shopping - Lots of cotton kurtas [tunics!] ... Can't wait for spring/summer to come now. 

Dress - Miss Sixty [06']; Hearts Cardigan - Joy [10']; Shoes - Tory Burch [10']
Outfit shots by Mom

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I am vain and I love it

I am blessed with a lot of photographers in my life. You all know Mr. Fabulous and his 'natural' knack for photography. Then there is my brother, who indulges in some recreational photography [like here] but most importantly, my favorite human being in this world - ANITA - is a professional photographer, who calls me her muse and I'm happy to oblige [;)] ....

During the shoot, I would make poses or give expressions and she would go, "Good ... Good ... Very Good!" These words never sounded better to me. "Good" didn't mean much when teachers wrote them on my School Report Card as it did during the photo shoot ... Hence, Me - to myself - "Vain, much?" ;)

Disclaimer - Photo HEAVY! 

Anita works under the pseudo identity of Myraa Ahuja and will soon have her website up and running. 

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