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Winter Wedding

Last night I attended my second cousin's wedding along with my family. It was a torture to stand in the unbearable cold in an open field. For those you are not aware of the North Indian Hindu Wedding Ceremony, here's a short intro - 

The groom arrives on a horse while his friends and family, also known as 'baraatis' dance ahead of him in a procession from the 'meeting point' to the venue of the wedding. They are also accompanied by a live band. The friends usually do not let the 'baraat' (procession) enter the venue till they are pampered crazy by the bride's family and have danced their hearts out! Eventually the groom walks up to the stage and waits for his bride to arrive ... 

To know what happens next, please read my Wedding Post as it is 1:30am here and I am reallllly sleepy and dying to hit the bed! BUT I could not wait to post what I wore for the Wedding ...

I got this outfit made from one of my Mom's trousseau Sarees [circa 1981] 
I absolutely love this outfit. Nothing better than this to beat the cold and yet stand apart!
Me and my charming brother!
Shoes borrowed (and never returned) from my friend Namrata [since 2007!]
I am smiling but actually dreading going out in the cold!
My Handsome Husband who co ordinated his tie with my outfit! 

P.S. So far only 3 Bloggers [and my Husband :P] have shown any interest in meeting up. Please email me and let me know if anyone else is interested else we will just go right ahead and meet anyways [:P]. 

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