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Think Before You Speak

The India trip is turning out to be a little different this time around. There isn't much drama, no one is getting on my nerves, and surprisingly I do not have any spicy stuff to write about. So has the world changed or has my tolerance for idiocies gone up? [I am betting on myself ;)]. 

Oh! wait ... there is something after all, that I can whine about - People's inability to gauge what should and shouldn't be said in public - Most people [the talkative ones] once they start, they really do not know when to stop. Let me put a disclaimer here again - I am a talkative one too but I am quite certain that I do not talk non sense and you guys have no way of knowing if I am saying the truth, so lets roll with it! ;) One simple fact I have picked up with 'age' and 'time' is that better to stay quiet than to talk to an idiot! No point in arguing with people who are mentally unequipped to think straight. No one can change your opinions so why even bother to prove them to anyone else. If you know you are right (and are making a valid point) then regardless of anyone else's opinion, you will be right. You do not need anyone else's stamp of approval! 

I have come to realize that it is a waste of time to talk to people who are loud and who use their 'volume' as a means to make themselves heard. Long story short, I wish everyone took a moment to 'think' before they spoke, and not just blurt every random thought that came to their mind ... Not that hard ... is it?

15th January 2011
Shirt Dress - Banana Republic [10']; Leggings - Hue [10']
Pashmina - Mom's ; Leg Warmer - UO [09']; Flats - Guiseppe Zanotti [11']

 16th January 2011 (Day)
Shirt - Men's Section @ Marshall's [10']; Jumper - Ralph Lauren [09']
3/4 Jeans - ASOS [10']; Pashmina Scarf - Mom's ; Shoes - Puma [06']
P.S. For the Night outfit Click Here.

17th January 2011
Shirt - COS [10']; Leggings - UO [10']
Pashmina Scarf - Mom's ; Flats - Guiseppe Zanotti [11'] 

18th January 2011
Striped Shirt - Zara [06']; 3/4 Jeans - ASOS [10']
Heart Sweater - Joy [10']; Shoes - Puma [06']

20th January 2011
Turtle Neck - Mango [05']; Jacket - Banana Republic [06']
Skirt - J.Crew [11']; Tights - Hobbs [10']; Shoes - Dolce Vita [10']

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