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Socially Challenged

Dress - Custo Barcelona [06']; Turtle Neck - Mango [05']; Shoes - Jean-Micheal Cazabat [06']

Pictures Courtesy TJ Photography

"Socially-Challenged" people, hear UP!

1. If you have an appointment or a social commitment with someone always reconfirm it, at least 12-24 hours prior. 

2. If you are running late then - CALL - and inform the person waiting. Preferably as soon as possible!

3. Always keep everyone involved or attending (dinner/coffee/meeting) in the communication loop. 

4. Do not assume that people would know something unless you have told them that in person, in writing or verbally. 

5. Last (but definitely not the least) wait for everyone else's food to arrive before you begin eating yours. 

Please feel free to add to this list...

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