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A Mixed Bag

22nd January 2011
 Dress - Hand-me-down from my friend Anita [07']
Shoes - Jean-Micheal Cazabat [06']
 Jacket - UO [10']

Something I have discovered about myself lately is that I do not get affected by anyone else's opinion of me. One could say, "Tanvi, you are a B****!" and I wouldn't give it more than a minute and move on easily ... In fact I think I reverse-judge people now! I judge them on what they think and how they talk (even if it is about me)! What one chooses to talk about and how one chooses to lead their life reflects on their mental status and reveals their inner insecurities. I do not wish to get into the details but I am sure you catch my drift, don't you?

Upasna from Someplace ElseDeepika from Words As a Form of Life
Anupama from Volatile Spirits Sushmita from My Unfinished Life, ME :)

Official photographer for the day - Katyayani from Thingism

On a brighter note, yesterday I met up with a few bloggers from Delhi at Cafe Turtle in Khan Market. It was a lot of fun. Bloggers can never fall short of topics to talk, I realized. If nothing else, we can always talk about 'blogging' it self :) 

Last night I also caught the new theatrical release from Aamir Khan Productions, directed by his wife - Dhobi Ghat - while I thoroughly enjoyed it people should be warned that is it out and out an 'Art' movie (Indie) and might not be for everyone! 

Last but not the least do take a minute to check out - The Guy Behind the Camera 13th Edition - A feature by Tieka over at her lovely blog Selective Potential. You might catch me saying some nice things about Mr. Fabulous. Or you might not. But you wouldn't know till you click the link ;)

23rd January 2011
 Salwar Kameez - Self designed & stitched [06']
 Shoes borrowed (and never returned) from my friend Namrata [since 2007!]
... off to Kingdom of Dreams

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