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Life in India ... so far

10th January 2011
Black Sweater - Banana Republic [09']; Blazer - UO [09'] 
Tights - TJ Maxx[09']; Boots - DP Italia [10']

It was my Dad's birthday on 10th Jan and we all went for dinner at an Oriental Restaurant. The winters in Delhi have been harsh this time around. I have had to layer up like never before. This is definitely not the time to consider trends/fashion but only to tae all possible precautions from the skin-peircing-cold-winds!

11th January 2011
Scarf - Burberry [09']
Sweater Coat - French Connection [08']
Boots - DP Italia [10']

Recently we applied for the change in Visa status at the U.S. Embassy in Delhi and I was amazed to see that each.and.every immigration officer spoke fluent Hindi. I repeat, fluent-sans-American-accent-Hindi! I was in shock for the first two minutes and eventually in a delightful bewilderment to hear them speak to all the applicants in Hindi with hand gestures and Indian mannerisms. 

13th January 2011
Turtle Neck - Gap [09']; Shoes - Tory Burch [10']
Sweater - Banana Republic [10']; Jeans - Miss Sixty [08']
Cape - Mom's [at least 15 years old!]

We saw the last week's Hindi movie release - No one Killed Jessica - and thoroughly enjoyed it. Being on holiday and without any responsibilities we were able to catch the matinee show. I was surprised to see that on a weekday afternoon the theatre was still HOUSE FULL! Don't these people have any work? Or is everyone on a vacation like us? Anyhoo, what was even more entertaining was how people sitting around us would predict the next scene a minute in advance - loudly ... and no one would mind that! Husband said, 'Yahan sab movie mil-jhul kar dekhte hain. Jaise ghar pe T.V. dekh rahe hoen.' *giggle* [Loose translation in english - Everyone watches the movie here as a group, like one watch T.V. shows at home with family.]

14th January 2011
Pashmina - Mom's ; Sweater - ASOS [10'] 
Leggings - TJ Maxx [09']; Boots - DP Italia [10']

The last two days have not been as C.O.L.D. and I am able to get out of the house in a cape or a pashmina without shivering my a** off! Let's hope this continues for rest of the month. For the record, I do not wish for hot-humid-days just warm Sunny Winters

P.S. Calling all Delhi Bloggers, Blog Readers/Supporters. If you guys wish to get together and meet up at a common place over a weekend in next 4 weeks, please email me with the date & time that might suit you and I will try and organize it (if feasible!).    

P.P.S. Excuse the poor quality of the picture. Some were taken in bad light with a point-and-shoot camera!

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