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The physics of quest: for a trunk

Hey everyone, while I am still struggling to make time for blogging, I have asked my friend Upasna from Someplace Else who is also a blogger [and a fellow Delhite!] to step in for me today! She is such an engaging and insightful writer. I always enjoy reading her posts [thoughts?] and I am sure so will you! 

The physics of quest:  for a trunk

I was in the train when I checked my mail quickly and saw Tanvi’s note & she asked me to do a guest post here. I am not famous or infamous, but rather regular, so, writing here feels like Josie Gellar being crowned the prom queen* (Never been kissed).

The one thing that charms me the most about Tanvi is how I somehow seem to agree with most of what she says especially the way she says it- we all love to relate to one another. And, I’d assume that’s awfully rare if you’re 8000 miles and a lifetime (we haven’t met –yet) away.

So since this blog often asks and reflects on a lot of fun questions, I thought of one as well.

It began from a movie (Eat, Pray, Love). Liz asks her friend just when she knew she was going to have a baby. The friend takes her to a room to show her a trunk she has kept for a long while containing baby clothes. Liz realizes that she has such a trunk as well. And her trunk contains maps and national geographic features on travel.

This made me think. So, what would my trunk contain? While on the subway I kept asking myself, till the time I could visualize my trunk. It might shock people (I couldn’t believe it myself) that I actually see a house. I mean the walls, the paintings, the books, the music, the drapes, the couch, the shoe rack, the desk, everything about me and an extension of my personality and my own space.

It’s amazing how simple (and liberating) it is as a thought. I mean of all the fancy things, the travelling, music tours, writing, work- somehow all that culminated for me in the construct of four square walls. Ha! I amuse myself. All I really want is rooms and to deck up my urban space!

Of course this is a product of my conditioned consciousness [couple of my close friends are setting up homes, I am reading a book called “Room”] though to my defense, as a kid a wall and three pillows were my absolute favourite things and I would happily (de)construct space for hours.

Did you see your trunk yet?

*Oh and I weren’t wallowing in self pity- just that I don’t do a fashion blog :). Currently I live with my parents- not uncommon in India to live with parents till you get married. Wait up till I do up my room then! |Walks away with a scheming head :)|
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