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Surviving Wedding Season - A Sneaky Tip

Leia from Leia's Delight is one of my most favorite bloggers and a wonderful person too. Yesterday you read my version of an South Asian Wedding. Here's her version and outfit of the same. Though she currently resides in Dhaka, Bangladesh the culture and traditions are quite similar as up until 1947 India, Bangladesh and Pakistan were one nation! But enough on the history lesson ... Over to the charming and gorgeous Leia...  

Surviving Wedding Season - A Sneaky Tip

If you’ve ever been to or lived in South Asia during the winter, you’ll know that most weddings take place during this time. Just like spring weddings are favored in the West due to the warming temperatures, winter weddings are common in South Asia because it’s finally cool enough to step outside without breaking into a sweat!

Every country, region, city, religion, sect or even family have different traditions, so attempting to go into any detail about what the ceremonies entail would be an impossible task! But if you’re interested in that, check out Tanvi’s wedding posts. Weddings in Bangladesh are a mix of Muslim traditions (the predominant religion here) and Hindu customs (‘leftovers’ from when Bengal was a Hindu/Muslim state in India), and there are normally five occasions to attend: Holud (Haldi in Hindi), Pithi, Mehendi, Nikka, and Reception. Not to mention countless celebratory lunches and dinners after the reception - no rest for the poor bride and groom who are probably desperate to escape to their honeymoon! ;) Weddings are very dressy affairs - everybody dresses to the nines, usually in traditional outfits e.g. saris, lehengas, or in some cases dressier salwar kameezes. So, for all of those who are to attend the wedding celebrations (often 200 or more people!) getting dressed is a bit of a daunting task.


So, after this prolonged introduction I am going to tell you my sneaky tip for surviving wedding season... the ZIP UP SARI! I know I’m not the only one who has difficulty getting those pleats just right (am I?!) The length of the sari has to be perfectly proportionate and everything has to be pulled and pinned exactly into place... so why not take your sari to a tailor beforehand and get him to transform it into a ready-made zip up? All the pleats will be stitched in, so all you have to do on the day is wear the sari like a skirt, zip it up, wrap the pallo however you please, and you’re ready to go in five minutes. 

The secret that was meant to be shared... 
Can you tell I’m wearing a zip-up?

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