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Wish List: Summer 2011

1:01 AM

Tamanna from the French Leave Blog is the first blogger I ever met in real life and we hit off instantly. Thank God for common likes and dislikes (Aish*cough*Aish). She is one of my favorite writers in the blogging world. She has a way with words that somehow every sentence sounds like poetry (at least to me!). I am elated that she found time to fill in for me.
Wishlist: Leather

1) The boxy design and sturdy constructions of camera bags make them so attractive to a working fashionista. Earlier, personally, the yellow Kelly Moore had stood up and out in that front, with all the compartments and cross body style, so outrageous then. The new old-kid on the block seems to be the 3.1 Phillip Lim Brea-canvas effect leather shoulder bag. It’s ivory-tusk-white, aptly antique white canvas-coated leather finish with brown straps is the most chic possible way to lunge your cameras or accessories around. Perfect for the working fashionista, like I said.

2) Chloe Whipstitch leather dress
Again, perfect for the one on the run. Aptly pairable with the flattest flats and a shoulder-bag, this nude full-skirted design is what’s on my mind for an easy and fast day at work. The slit sides and concealed zipper back creates an old school feel in my mind which also makes this inspiration hard to pass up!

While the Phillip Lim bag could be moderately incorporated in my realistic wishlist ($525), the story is far-fetched for the Chloe dress ($3,135). The most workable alternative is some sort of personalized tailoring. However, inspirations are the most priceless possessions here.

P.S. Just a note: I wish Tanvi a wonderful stay in the heart of India, in Delhi. “I hope you make the most out of it, honey, and also try to put up some outfit posts with the exotic locations available there! :)” Much Love.

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  1. I don't know which I like more! Both the bag and dress are completely adorable. Great post!:)

  2. could kill for the bag,,,,:)

  3. Hmmmm after a long stare, I think i like the dress soooo much. Love Tammana's writing :)

  4. Tammana has superb (and very expensive taste)! I can just imagine dropping a pen down that Chloe dress the first time I wore it. xxx

  5. I have been in love with this Chloe dress for ages (not that wear it).. hahaha
    but I would love to photograph a girls wearing it
    Lee x

  6. The first bag is really chic and the nude tone - leather dress is amazing!!!

  7. The Chloe dress is my favorite!


  8. That bag is totally beautiful and something I would carry around each day:) Kisses and hugs

  9. That bag looks divine! i think i am smitten by it :D Will make something like it very soon.


  10. That dress is off the charts amazing!!!

  11. God I think I love both, if only I earned more money... lol

  12. I love, love the color and the minimalist cut of the leather dress. its just gorgeous.

    And you said it so right - Tamanna's each sentence is like poetry. She is a very talented writer and I love her zest for life!

  13. The leather dress is perfection in a dress. And I bet the leather itself must be super soft!

  14. love the bag ..

    Tamanna is a great writer and her blog is great .. but Tanvi missing you inaction !!

  15. Great guest post! Checking out the French Leave Blog now. xo style, she wrote

  16. I've read a few posts of Tamanna's. She's got a way with words and style.

    Love the bag. Nice guest post.

  17. Love the dress! The color is hot!

  18. If I wore nude shades and could afford that dress I would be twirling around in it in a heartbit. Great post Tamanna.

    And yo Tanvii. I agree with Tamanna....make use of the exotic locations as much as you can. Have fun girl !



  19. I like the bag...so SIMPLE and to the point and the structure of it seems like it could stuff the world in it!!

    Nude dress..WOW!

  20. Great guest post. I am so in love wit the bag. I need it in my life.

  21. Thanks everyone! Glad y'all liked the picks!

  22. really great pics
    both bag and the Chloe Dress i loved it....
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