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A Date with Kanjeevaram

A little information about Kanjeevaram Sarees - They are one of the finest silk sarees from South India. The heavy silk is embroidered with real gold. The border and pallau (end of the saree) has relatively more embroidery than rest of the saree. These sarees are meant to last up to a hundred years, thus require extra care while folding and wrapping.  

My regular readers would already know that me-loves-my-Sarees. It is my favorite piece of clothing to dress in. Classy. Sexy. Feminine. All in one. Those who might have missed you can catch me in a Saree here, then here and now recently here.

This was my first time wearing such a heavy Kanjeevaram Saree for a wedding. The winter chill is subsiding now, hence was a perfect opportunity to dress up in it. I do not get many chances to wear such Sarees so I didn't want to let this one pass me by ...

Contest: Who can make the craziest expressions?
Trust me, this wasn't planned. Only when I saw the pictures that 
I had realized our expressions were synchronized :)

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