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Breakfast at Tanvi's

Sometimes I want to curl up and become a baby again. A dotted upon, spoilt, brat with not a care in the world! 

Every time I come back home, unconsciously or consciously I come back looking for my childhood and to relive those old-carefree-days! But now I have decided to make peace with the fact that life is forever in continuous motion. I cannot bring back the days that have passed. But I can smile and relive them in my heart and be thankful that my life is filled with happy memories. 

I do not have much to say today, so I will leave you with another Indian(ized) Outfit and a typical breakfast at my Parent's place ...  

 Tunic - Zara [05']
 Salwar - Part of another Indian Suit

A Typical Breakfast at my Parent's Place
 A lot of Fruits...
 Accompanied with something salty. This is my favorite Poha
An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away ;)

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