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Rhode Island

Sometimes I feel I am born in the wrong century. I belong to the 18th [or even the early 19th] century, for sure. Live in he 'age of enlightenment', witness the Industrial Revolution, actually converse with people the way characters from Jane Austen's novels do. That would be lovely! But it's not about to happen, now is it? ... and that makes me sad!

On our last day in Boston, we took a road trip to Rhode Island which is an adjacent state to Massachusetts [and an hour drive from Boston]. We drove around Newport, Kingston and Providence. This part of U.S. reminded me of my 'fantasy-18th-century-life', which either I have already lived in my last birth or am still supposed to live through my dreams!

 Boyfriend Shirt - Banana Republic [10']; Shorts - Made from Miss Sixty Jeans [06']
Rhode Island

I guess I am blowing a kiss to the camera-man ;)
My amateur natural-photography
The poor fella was lost!
Beautiful Newport
One of the opulent Newport Mansions - The Breakers
This was the logo of a shop names - Queen of Hearts ... Cool, eh?!?

Happy to be here :)

I am touched!

I had absolutely no inspiration for a post today, hence it was going to be one of those 'no-post' days. But then something fabulous happened! 
Illustrations by Aarti
A stranger left a comment on my blog, I went to check out her own blog and came across her fabulous work. Then later in the day she send me a short & sweet email, which totally made my day. No wait, totally made my whole month! 

Her email:
heyy hie!!!
love ur blog totally.:)
n hv made few illustrations of ma fav bloggers 
hpe u like:)
karishma frm I'm too Sexy for my Shirt 
Tanvi frm The Fabulous Life of Not-So-Rich and Infamous 
sally and holly frm Hippie By Heart. Thinks Fashion Is Art! 
smriti frm Vintage Obsession 
lahlah frm LAHLAH IS HERE

How sweet is that? Who does that? Well, no one I know is this sweet to strangers. 

Thank you sooooooo much, Aarti. You are so talented and very sweet! I look so much more stylish and chic in your interpretation. And that nose ring is a fabulous touch and an artist's observation. I love it. 

Everyone, please, do go and check out her work at Art meets Fashion

Anniversary Dinner

Recently, in a conversation, my husband called me 'easy-going' and 'chilled-out' to one of our friends [and he said it as a compliment!]. Which got me thinking, "Really?!" I mean it's great that he thinks that but I actually always thought of myself as a one-complicated-confused-person. I judge. I am a prude. I like people with manners and personality. And I have even started filtering people from my life and have become picky about whom I decide to be 'real' friends with! [Well, you see when you start enjoying your own company the most; the other person really has to be interesting enough to even bother to strike up a conversation!]. 

Oh Well, I am kind of diverting from my original intention for this post. Believe it or not this post is not going to be about me [*wicked.grin*], well not entirely at least! So I was telling you about my husband. Besides being a die-hard-romantic, he is also pretty easy-going and non-tension-taking-kinda-person [quite a contrast to me!]. It amazes me to see his ability to smile even when things are not going as planned, or if we are near to broke, or even when I am saying the meanest things on earth to him. [Yeah! I know, he is a keeper!]. 

Three years into the marriage, and I believe the fun has just begun. Why? Well, 'coz now he can predict my mood swings and adapt to them in advance [*magic*]. Now he knows what makes me anxious and what makes me happy. Now he knows when to go get me chocolate pronto and when to take that bag of MnM away from me [before I start chewing the wrapper]. And the most important reason - yesterday while we were unpacking after returning from Boston, he saw my shoe collection and said, "You do not have that many shoes! Everyone exaggerates. There is still space for one more rack here!" And NO! he was not being sarcastic! 

God Bless his soul and may we live happily ever after. And in 'non-fairytale-world' is means that even though we might squabble [every now-and-then], but we make-up real soon! Right?

This is how I dressed for dinner at Penang 
[Best Malaysian Food I have ever eaten!]

Dress - Anniversary Gift [Aunt, 10'] 
Earrings - ASOS [10']
Shoes - BCBG [10']



Spicy Stir Fry

I love spicy food. In fact I cannot eat bland food. Hence, I cook spicy food. Stir-frys are the easiest fix when I am really hungry. I always try and keep some chopped tomatoes and onions in my fridge, so that when I am hungry I do not get lazy to cook [I make lunch for only myself so have to motivate myself harder to cook and avoid eating out or unhealthy!]. So below is what I would call a satisfying-filling-well-balanced lunch. Let me know what you think! 

My version of Stir-fried Brown Rice
Sautée one chopped tomato, small brown onion and one green chilli [Serrano pepper]

Steamed Vegetables 
[Snow-peas, Red Peppers, Mushrooms, Water chestnuts, and Baby Corn]

Slice the chicken breast into thin strips [for my husband!]

Add the vegetables and chicken to the mixture and let is simmer

After about 2-3 minutes 
add a bowl of boiled brown rice to the sautéed vegetables and chicken 

Add salt to taste, and let is simmer for about 5 more minutes 
And then serve warm!

P.S. I absolutely suck at writing recipes, 'coz I really cook as my heart desires. But I have made an attempt here as few readers asked me to. Hope this helps! 

Happy Monday! Did everyone have a good weekend? 

By Porter Square

Boston is full of these cute corners where you can just go and explore. A lot of them have old and wooden architecture which reminds me a lot of England. I am loving my time here but do not think would want to be around in cold. I think when it comes down to winters, Texas is the best! *big.smile*
The red door was shouting out, "come and click pictures besides me"
Top - Urban Outfitter [09']; Shorts - Banana Republic [10']
Shoes - Nine West [08']
And suddenly it became cloudy ... [?!?!?]
A random house. It's entrance attracted our attention!
I enjoy reading the names of cute-local-shops
Super adorable art & craft shop/class for small kids

Streets of Beacon Hill

Skirt worn as Top - Zara [10']
Boston Roads
At Beacon Hill
What a cute house! Isn't it?
Belt - J.Crew [10']; Jorts [10'] - From Miss Sixty Jeans [06']
Taking a break
 Shoes - Børn [10']
Second time at this Restaurant [A must visit]
Refreshing Sangria
Best Pizza EVER!

Wedding, July 23rd 2007

My All-Time Favorite Picture!

We have reached the end of the journey now. It's my Anniversary today! Hence, was my wedding day 3 years back. I will try and narrate the story through my pictures here. Thank you everyone for commenting daily and appreciating what you saw! It never gets old (always makes my day)!

... and My Lifelong Journey begins...
This is what you can call the Indian version of 'walking down the aisle'. Mostly the Indian Bride walks with her friends and female cousins by her side. But since I am a 'Daddy's Girl' to the core, I wanted to walk with my Dad. 

P.S. He is looking so tired here [it's about 10pm] 'coz he [and my mom] hadn't had a drop of water or any food all day. This is a custom that requires parents to fast till they don't 'give their daughter away'. All our customs and rituals have stories/reasons behind them. They are not 'a law' or 'compulsory' but if you follow them, it's supposed to be auspicious!
Oh! This is one of those Glamour Shots!

We had finalized my husband's [fiancé then!] sherwani back in May, when he had come down from U.S. for the Roka & Engagement Ceremony. I simply decided to match my outfit to his! Lehnga is my least favorite outfit out of all the Indian Outfits [don't know why!] and since it's least likely I will ever wear it again I thought I will just follow the norm and wear it on my wedding day [I had already exhausted all the other options for other ceremonies!]. The basic idea behind my Wedding Lehnga [Designer - Neeta Paul] was it should match my husband's outfit, be flowing with intricate 'paisley' work, and light enough [I had to wear it for almost 10 hours!].

First ceremony is where we exchange the garlands which are made with rose petals [hanging in our neck!;)]. Mostly the whole clan climbs up on the stage and makes a ruckus around but I wanted to have only our immediate family up there with no rowdy behavior! [I know I am no fun!]  

Later, we did not sit on the stage and click pictures with all the guests. Instead after the ceremony we got up and walked around the banquet hall 'just like normal people' and met all the guests and clicked pictures in person, on the ground! That felt much more human to me than to sit in one position for hours like statues! 

The second part is followed by the prayers which are performed by the priest. You make seven promises to each other and then take seven rounds around the fire together. [We do not write our own vows. There are 7 vows which all couples make to each other

There are many-many rites and rituals [with stories/reasons] which are part of this ceremony but if I start explaining them all I would reach the next year of my marriage and still be writing about it :P 

We do not have wedding bands in our culture, but instead we put 'sindoor' [which is a red powder also knows as Vermilion, you put exactly where your forehead ends and hairline starts]. This is the wedding finale. You are traditionally [not legally! ;)] married now :o)

This is a chariot of sorts called 'Doli'. In olden days when there were no cars or transportation, the brides used to go their 'new home' in this [which was usually from one village to another]. However, today this is only done for the sake of restoring an old tradition, so the bride goes from the venue till the car in the 'Doli'. 

These are my brother and cousins giving a hand in lifting the Doli! 
I was so happy, I had worked out [and even fallen sick] and lost loads of weight before the wedding, else can you imagine the guilt I would feel sitting in it [all fat and heavy] while my poor brothers tried to lift this?!?! :P

The only way I was willing to get married was - If things were run my way! Until I got married I never really thought I would! Not 'coz I do not believe in the institution but 'coz I never thought I would ever find someone willing to 'bear my natak!' [tantrums! ;)]. 

I am extremely thankful to my family and my in-laws 'coz everyone 'just-let-me-be' and let me run the show [with which my brother helped a lot!!!]. I wanted to do things differently and I was allowed to! Well, ... there is always something more you could have done, but then there is no end to that! [And not to forget I do plan to marry 'my husband' again, this time without falling sick before! :)]

And with this we come towards the end of my Wedding Drama. It was lovely having you all on board! From tomorrow we shall resume back to the scheduled telecast of western outfits and my daily ranting ... Haha ;) 

Sangeet & Mehndi, July 22nd 2007

Designer - Pooja Nayyar
Yeah! Full-on-filmy-on 
US :)

This is the most fun ceremony of all. The close friends and family prepare dance performances for the bride and groom. Towards the end the dance floor is opened and everyone goes crazy. It's sort of like an ethinic-clubbing-night where family is also present [along with friends of course!]. We combined the 'sangeet' with Mehndi [Henna Ceremony] where everyone along with the bride gets the 'henna-art' done on their hands. I had already got my hands done in the morning. I was scheduled to do the feet in the evening, after my dance *giggles* [Bride's henna art takes a long time. Approximately 6 hours!]

This is probably the heaviest outfit I wore [weight wise]. The skirt has a lot of cloth with the leather waist band and there is a bright neon lining underneath which peeks through when I move around. That was the coolest part but unfortunately it is not visible in the pictures. While with is an Anarkali style Suit, I wore is without the churidaar (churidaar are a form of pants with look like this) for the ceremony as I needed to get the 'henna-art' done on my feet later. The churidaar was of a similar red color as seen in the bottom panel of the Anarkali, and was made with net

The outfit was designed with the 'ceremony' in mind. By experience I found it very uncomfortable to see the brides-to-be who had to roll up their salwars [pants] or pick up their skirts to get the 'henna' done. It just looks very non-lady-like, tacky and messy!

Hair/ Make Up / Jewelry
You know my style by now. So no surprises here, except that the jewelry was the highlight of the outfit. 

Bhajan Sandhya, July 21st 2007

Do I look like I am paying attention? I am a good actress :P
That's me and my Dad doing the last prayers for the evening

So after the 'partying' I went back to the hospital bed and rested for a day and a half. My fever was in control but they still didn't know what exactly was wrong with me. Apparently I had caught some viral. Anyhooo, I was released just 2 days before the wedding and it was Bhajan Sandhya [translation - A Prayer Evening]

In Hindu religion we have 1000's of Gods whom we pray to for different reasons. Many families pray to one God or Goddess while others pray equally to all. We are one of the later families. So the ceremony is supposed to be an auspicious occasion to begin the 'marital' process on a holy note. 

So we all already know I love Sarees. I loved the color combination of this Saree and thought it was appropriate for the occasion. I also had a Salwar Kameez on stand by just-in-case I changed my mind, but I seldom change my mind [last minute!]. 

Hair, Make Up, Jewelry
Simple and easy to handle. Just how I like it. 

Looking back at my pictures, I am glad I never looked like a Christmas Tree on any of the days. There is an element of 'me' in each outfit. Nothing about my clothes/make up/jewelry was from a 'cookie-cutter-bridal-mold'. 

Wouldn't you agree?!?!

And after 'the prayers' we head straight ... 
to celebrate my second last night of being 'single'. 

I couldn't have my bachelorette party since I fell sick! *blah*
My two favorite girls = Namrata & Anita & Me = Last 'woman' standing
i.e. First Nam got married, then Ani and LAST me! All three within 8 months. 
Exactly like in the order of this picture!
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