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Perfect Sunday!

Which-Wich is my favorite Sandwich place in the whole-wide-world. This is the sandwich to die for ... to lose battles for ... to miss airlines for ... to cheat for ... [oh! ok, that's a bit too much but you catch my drift, don't you?!Day or night - I can have this whole thing all by myself - any time - any where! We had gone for a Sunday morning hike and from there we headed straight to have this delicious medley of veggies & pesto & hummus in mouth-watering-crunchy-soft-breakroll ... yummm! [I am hungry again! Darn! It's closed at this hour!]

Top - Banana Republic [10']; Jeans - Miss Sixty - [London 09']
Necklace - Gift [Mom 10']; Belt - Gap [10']; Shoes - From Tehran [07']

After that filling brunch-sandwich we indulged in some shopping [and second day in the row I didn't buy a-single-thing *drum.roll*]. In the evening we chilled at Starbucks with some friends who were visiting my city with their family. This is what I wore for coffee on a warm-summer-evening :o)

Critics are Crazy

Yesterday, I went to watch Sex and the City 2 (SATC 2) [and Prince of Persia, back-to-back ... but that's not the point]! Without indulging in the what the movie was about, I would only say that the critics have gone crazy! I do not understand their problem! Lately, they seem to be 'way-too-critical' of all the movies for all the wrong reasons. Every movie seems to disappoint them, and entertain me! 

How about being a little more subjective than just simply-writing-off a movie as - Nay! or Grade C! I would totally understand if they critically explained what was good versus bad in a movie. But what they do is write-off the movie in the hope of being taken seriously as a critic! 

SATC2 is exactly what it is supposed to be! It takes you back in the world of Carrie and her friends [who are dressed in fabulous clothes and drool-worthy stilettos!] There is abso-f-ing-lutely nothing wrong with the movie. Yes, it is sexist. Yes, it is racist. But hey! it is entertaining and just a movie. So relax! There is nothing earth-shattering-ly surprising or shocking that one didn't already know. It's a rom-com of sorts for crying out loud! 

Bottom-line: Fans of SATC wouldn't be disappointed [unlike the critics!] If you fancy couture-fashion, women-bonding and sexual-innuendoes, then you are in for a ride [and an entertaining one at that!]. 

...and this is what I wore to take this ride ;)
Tunic worn as Dress - Manan [Delhi, 2007]
Necklace & Earrings - Gift [Mom 10']
Shoes - BCBG

P.S. I also recommend Prince of Persia to everyone who enjoys Fairytales! and hot-hunks aka Jake Gyllenhaal ;)

Too soon to repeat?

Gaon Ki Gori [loosely translated as 'a village damsel']
Pants - Sent by Smrithi [10']; Slip-ons - Gift [Mother-in-law 08']; 
Shades - Ray-Ban [Looks like I'll be wearing them this whole season]
 Top - Talisman [Delhi 07']
Ironing this top is always a pain but I do it 'coz I digggg it's back :)
Pendant - ASOS [10']

I wore this outfit again when we went out to a Middle-Eastern place - Gypsy Cafe. The same place [click here] about which I'd blogged a few months back as well. The pants are über-comfortable and I couldn't resist wearing them so soon, again. Since I had styled it a little 'western' the previous time, I was hell-bent to style it 'ethnic' the next time I wore it. This evening turned out to be a fabulous one spent chatting non-stop with Mom, Brother and Husband about everything under the sun [read: gossip!]. 


In Love with Lace

Dear Bloggers, 

Please join Bloglovin'. I find it the best way to stay on top of all your posts! I won't ask you to follow me, [promise!] I just wanna follow you all as I do not like Blogger, so much! [Thanks!] And if you are already on Bloglovin' then promise! I am already following you there. 

I am addicted to blogging. I really am! My husband jokes, "You have so many new friends, please don't forget me one day!" [Funny, he is!] My Mom says, "You've found people who are like-minded and you all have a mutual-admiration-club going on!" [We really have a club going on, don't we? Should we start a membership, while we are at it? :P]

In regard to clothes, 99% of my clothes are bought from Sale! racks [I swear!] out of which 90% of them are under $25.00. Besides bags & shoes I do not spend a bomb on anything! I like good quality and I like a good fit  [never compromise on these two things!]. I also have an eye [and luck!] to always find it on Sale! Think about it, if I am gonna be shopping so much I really can't afford full-priced-items [and I don't trust previously owned clothing!]

I have recently started stating the year in which I had purchased the item I am wearing so that you know whether it's still in the store or not. Also this way I can 'show-off' my skill of 'how-well-I-maintain-my-stuff' *wink*

I love all the comments! It's such a 'high' to get feedback. I wake up and before I check my mail [or even facebook ... Imagine?!] I check the comments on my blog! [Crazy, eh?] However, on side-note please refrain from leaving 'idiotic-remarks'. They do not bother me but only reflect on your ignorance [or even arrogance!]. P.S. Anonymous comments are as good as no comments. They absolutely don't count!

On that note, let's check the Outfit-of-the-Day
Necklace - Gift [Mom]; Shades - Ray-Ban [My new ones!] 
Lace top - Silence & Noise [10']; Bag - Bottega Veneta; Belt - Louis Vuitton  
Pants - BCBG [10']; Shoes - Flea Market [London, 09']
Check out the pockets on these pants! 
I bought them against the will of my Mom & Brother! 
What do y'all think?

Phew! ... Finally :o)

Nice shot, eh? ;)
Dress - Gift [Aunt '09]; Cardigan - Calvin Klein [Dubai 1999]; Belt - Express [08']; Shoes - Tehran [07']

Pendant - ASOS [10']; Husband - Delhi [07'] Haha!

I love college campuses. I have been to a few on them while visiting my friends or cousins all around the world. I love the energy and the young crowd. Besides, I love people-watching [hobby!] so it's always interesting to see people running around, getting to their classes, grabbing a coffee, meeting friends. It's the best place to catch some 'serious-street-fashion'. Sometimes I even wonder how these 'poor' [pun intended] students have so much money [and time] to spare on fashion? I seriously didn't. 

Last weekend was my husband's Graduate Convocation Ceremony. He is 100% a Ph.D now [Yay!]. The above outfit is what I wore and below is what other guests wore [strangers!

A reallly old lady - I luurrvved her hat!

No Comments!
Really? For a Graduation Ceremony?
Now ... her I liked. You?
At least was venue-appropriate!

Wish I could take more pictures of the crowd [there was an interesting mix of people there] but we were quite busy posing ourselves and clicking my dear husband in his robe :) He is very 'picky' when it comes to his pictures. So I will have to take his permission before I post any of 'his' pictures! Till then make do with this mobile-clicked-shot which I know he approves *wink*


Featuring: Smrithi Rao

I have been a 'Fashion Blogger' for only 4-5 months. One of the first fashion-bloggers I came across was Smrithi Rao of The Vintage Obsession from Bengaluru. Smrithi is a vivacious, intelligent and a very fashionable girl. She is a Software Engineer who also indulges in various 'Do-It-Yourself' projects. To say she is talented is an understatement. Her pleasant personality shines through her pictures and blog-posts. 

In the initial days, when I had just started following her blog, I told her I really liked a pair of pants she has posted the pictures of in one of her posts. She replied instantly and offered to get them for me all the way from Pondicherry if I was truly interested. And I WAS! ... Within 2 months here I am sporting one of the two pants she has sent.

Top - Latin Quarters [Delhi '07]
Bag - Miu Miu
Pants - Sent by Smrithi ['10]
Hairband - Express
Shoes - Faith [London '05]
Ring & Bangle - Gift [Mom]

Nothing is original! Really?

Disclaimer: I do not mean to sound bitter in this post. I am conveniently confronting the demons in my life. I know 'everyone' reads my blog and the guilty shall feel the guilt! [Am I mean or what? **]

Last year I had discussed the topic of originality. While few had agreed with my point-of-view, some also gave me feedback that - Nothing is original! Point being, that most of our thoughts are inspired and/or influenced by what we see/hear around us. Fair enough! But what about people who are blatantly 'aping' you? Are they being influenced or just plain-olé 'copy-cats'? 
  • I do not believe in numerology and neither do I want to act cool by adding an 'i' to my name. But as you might notice I have an extra 'i' on my website and email address. There is a simple explanation - Google needed 6 digits for me to form an email id, hence my friend Namrata suggested I make it Tanvi, I! And I did. That was back in 2004/2005. To maintain uniformity I used the same ID for the website as well. Now, what do you say when people around me whose name ends with an 'i' starts adding an extra 'i' to their names/blogs/websites?
  • I have been blogging since 2005. However up until January 2009, due to lack of confidence and discomfort-in-my-own-skin, I used to write 'anonymously' under a screen name of - Saanjhh! I also used this word [and spelling] as my nickname on MSN, Yahoo Messenger etc. back in the high school/college days. [The word means 'Dusk' in Sanskrit/Hindi language, and I found this word really poetic] Now what do you say when I see 'someone' I know using the same ID on their chatting portals? [I created this spelling, while most people would spell this work in English as - 'Sanj' ]
  • What do you say about people who copy your tweets and post them as their Status Updates on Facebook without any acknowledgement? ... And I do not mean 'Inspirational Quotes' here. 
  • What about the people who copy your passions/hobbies/interests. Suddenly your hobbies become their area of interest and everything you try ... they follow you ... and claim it was their idea first and that they 'always wanted to do it, but just got started'! Surprisingly the timing bang-on coincides with you! *cynical.eye.roll*
  • Lastly, what about the people who shamelessly go out there and buy the exactly same things they saw in your house. Including, doormats, shower curtains and table covers! Really!!!
What does one do about such 'copy-cats'? How would you confront them? What would you tell them? Wanna share?

Jacket - Macy's ['08]; Top - Urban Outfitters ['09]; Shorts - Gap ['09]
Gladiator Sandals - Stolen [Mom's]
Earrings - Gift [Mom] ... (Grand Canyon as the backdrop)
With my Fabulous Family [Dad missing and being missed *sad.face*]

Care for a Joke? Anyone? 
Advertisement in the news paper - 'For Sale' Complete set of Encyclopedia in good condition. Reason for selling: No longer needed. Got married. Wife knows EVERYTHING!

Hats Off!

This painting was so vibrant and eye-catching! I wanted to steal it from the Hotel ;)
Hat - TJ Maxx; Top - TJ Maxx; Skirt - Zara ('10); Slip-ons - Armani Exchange ('09)
In Love with my new Ray Bans ;)
With my über-suave brother :)

So everyone knows I travel light. Right? ... I had packed this top to be worn with a pair of shorts but while 'window-shopping' I found this pretty polka-dot skirt for a mere USD 15.00. I couldn't resist and hence the 'window-shopping' turned into a 'real-shopping'. 

Also, those are hair-bands [black & blue] that I am wear on my wrist. So that I can tie my hair when I can't bear the heat [which happens quite often]. A Pony-tail is probably my favorite hair style! 

N.B. For everyone who comes here to catch up on my write-ups along with the outfit-update: I apologize for being a little lazy in writing! Pictures are real easy. Uploading them doesn't take half as much time as writing a decent short memoir! But I will be back, soon! 

Bickering Session

An usual family scene:

Mom - I think ... lallaalal
Me - I don't agree, I think ... lalallala

Mom - But I think .... nanannana
Me - But don't you think ... nanannaan

Enter Brother: (who assumes we are having a heated discussion)

Brother - Ok! Chill! Chill! 
Me - What's your problem?

Brother - Just change the topic na ... It's getting on the wrong track!
Me - Why should we change the topic? This is our conversation!

Brother - Well, I think you should 'coz Mom is getting stressed!
Me - Well, she is not! I know her!

Brother - She is ... I know her too ... She is my Mom, too!
Me - Well, she is my mom first 'coz I am the first born. 

Then we both go our own ways for 2 minutes, shrug it off and then ...

Me - Are you hungry?
Brother - Ya! Do you wanna to get some snacks/ice cream?

Me - Ya! Let's do that ...

Happy Ending! ... **

Smiling with elation :)
Top - Zara ('08); Shorts - Gap ('09); Slip-ons - Aldo ('07)
Blurry! But I like this shot!
Not-to-miss: Paisley Carpet

Here we go again ...

I love traveling. I really really do! I have been busy with family lately. So excuse me if my posts are heavy on pictures and light on words. But hey! 'pictures are worth a thousand words' Right?

I wouldn't bore you guys with a lecture on 'Light traveling' but...
...can I just say 'light luggage->lighter load on planes->lesser fuel used->cheaper tickets-> FACT!
I love this Jacket [Macy's] and I love this Dress [Banana Republic 09'] and I love my very comfortable slip-ons which I refuse to throw! [Aldo 07']
Specially dig the elbow pads and the box-pletes at the back!
Reached our destination! Time to wind-unwind-wind
It's vegetarian; It's healthy [well, relatively ;)] and D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S.

Family Reunion

Mother-ship & Brother-ship docked the ports few days back and life has been a one big party ever since. For those who haven't read my previous posts in their praise please click the blue underlined words and catch up! [If you wish :o)] Else in brief, we all are Pisces who love to shop, travel and pamper ourselves. [That's the way to live, we say!

Since married life started every time I meet someone from my 'pre-marital-life' I fall into a turbulent waters of 'who I was back then' mixed with 'who I am right now'. Sometimes it even gets hard for me to distinguish myself from my past to present. Oh! Well, but I love having my family around me. I take them for granted. I love them to death. They are the only ones who [still!] bear my tantrums and obnoxious behavior! 

The day they landed we were supposed to take a flight and meet them in Houston. But as usual, Mother Nature intervened and messed up our plans. Due to a bad storm Houston Airport was closed down for the day and all flights coming in or out were cancelled. Oh! but my determined husband didn't let Mother Nature hold us back from a family reunion and said 'Screw the flights, we'll drive down!'. So we drove three hours [Well he drove and I slept :P] with the risk of hitting the storm on roads ourselves [luckily we didn't!] and reached Houston around 2:00am. After that my poor-poor husband went to drop the car to the Car Rental which was closed down due to no electricity [Storm! Mehhh!]. He dropped the keys in the Night Drop Box and hitch-hiked his way back to the hotel. Phew! 

We all reunited in the morning. God Bless my husband [Yes! Yes! Ladies he is VERY sweet & caring! A total catch :o)]  You will probably hear more stories about our adventures and continuos bickering in the coming posts. So stay tuned in *wink*

This is what I was wearing 'uus toofani raat' [That stormy evening!

Dress - Mango [Same as worn here and here]

Trying to manage my zul-fien (hair) ... It's was stormy day, remember? 

(Finally! a decent shot) Red Slip-ons - Inc. [Delhi]

My new fad - The Frog Ring
Acquired during my travels to New Orleans few weeks back!
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