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For Married Women, only!

My favorite Married Couple - My Parents :o)

When I was a 'newly-wed-woman' (already seems like that was centuries ago) I could never understand why were there so many jokes and innuendos focusing on marriage and husband/wife [I still don't!]? And why were 'married-people' telling these jokes? I would very easily get offended if/when someone tried to make a degrading statement or joke about 'married-life' [Not necessarily focusing on me]. I would see their attitude as 'annoying'!

However, now I have become a little more patient & [a little] wise. I do not get offended by such people or their jokes, anymore. I believe that's probably their perspective and definitely the condition of their 'married-life'. So as long as it's not directed at me or my life - I don't care! But I have to admit that sometimes the jokes are 'truly' funny and after almost 3 years I can finally manage to laugh along with them. 

Few days back I was flipping through the Glamour magazine and I found some very wise advices for married women. I enjoyed reading some of them, so thought may be other's will do too:
  • "All love that has not friendship for its base is like a mansion built upon the sand." - poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox
  • "Separate Bathrooms!"
  • Mother to her daughter,"Don't talk to me about the fights you have with your husband. Because then you guys solve it in the bedroom, and the next day I'm still mad."
  • "Let there be spaces in your togetherness." - poet Kahlil Gibran
  • An old lady on how she stayed married for so long,"We never both fell out of love at the same time."
  • "When you decide to commit, you've got to commit. Can't cheat. Wanna cheat? Can't cheat. Dying to cheat? Can't cheat. Can't wait to cheat? Can't cheat.  Some guys might have to go to rehab to not cheat. But you can't cheat… Know why? Because you're going to get caught. I don't care who you are, even if you're 007, you're going to get caught. And you don't want to get caught." - Chris Rock
  • [Last & my favorite] "Whenever you are wrong, admit it; whenever you are right, shut up!" - poet Ogden Nash
And now it's time for The outfit-of-the-day. Yay! 

We were enjoying the outdoors. It was a day full of rare accessibility to a pleasant weather. While randomly driving around we found a lovely landscape where we decided to stop and jump around! How fun!

I had not dressed for anything in particular. The outfit started with my wish to wear the top. I love the bow which gives it's a preppy-ish look [which I am reallyy digging lately]. And somehow my black cigarette jeans happen to go perfectly well with no matter what top I decide to wear. I must say that it is the best $5.00 I have ever spent. Yes! Can you believe it?!?! I got them from Urban Outfitters and they were at Sale for $5.00 because they had only one pair left and it happened to me mine! [Often I feel I might be unlucky in most things in life, but hallelujah! I am lucky in finding bargains ;)]

I deiced to accessorize it with a skinny-black belt to give it a more modern look and also ‘coz I love emphasizing on my narrow waist ;)

The simple-silver pendant has been my favorite for over an year. I kinda made my Mom gift it to me last year, when she came to visit. I am still lovin' it!

The shoes are not 'exactly' something to wear in a garden but in my defense we hadn't planned the day and the open-toed made a perfect match with the blue-ish outfit! 

 This picture is just-for-fun and not fashion! Me-being-Me i.e. Silly and dancing around the trees [just like how it is in the movies :)]. 

P.S. I have realized that no matter how many blogs I write, or how much I talk about healthy eating habits, people will continue to believe that starvation is the secret to being 'skinny'. Honestly, I feel the topic is beginning to get redundant and repetitive. The fact is that everyone believes what they want to and try to explain myself [again and again] is like banging my head against a wall! So I have 'officially' decided to give up! (Phew!) I am skinny & happy and that's all that matters. Right?!

Random Ranting

Phrase written & Picture taken by the best photographer I know - Anita

A few days back I went for coffee with Veronica (don't tell me you forgot, who she is!?). She was telling me about her dreams and ambitions. You would be surprised to know that majority of our conversation did not revolve around fitness. However, she did say something about fitness, to which I can relate (probably, daily). She said, "Weight-loss is not just transformation of your body but also your mind & how you view the world." However, lately though my body is bright and chirpy ... my world is looking a little somber! 

I am turning 28 this weekend and everyone keeps exclaiming the digits to me with amusement. I am 'supposedly' expected to respond but I do not know how? Honestly, age has never bothered me. It didn't mean anything when I entered my teens, definitely didn't mean a thing when I turned 16 (in fact I specifically remember being neck deep in books, studying for my 10th Grade exams a.k.a boards), had no clue what to do when I turned 18, and didn't feel one bit adult when I turned 21. If anything the older I grow, the better I look. So I must be one of those 'old wine' clichés. (If you ask me, it's the best cliché to be!)

The only downside I can see of growing old is that, 'that much' further away from my perfect childhood, I get and have to live with all the [damn] responsibilities [due to society's pressure of behaving like an 'adult']. Apparently, the only thing weight-loss hasn't managed to affect ... is my ability to sulk. I can still do that at the drop-of-the-hat!

On the brighter side let's see the Outfit-of-the-day [Thanks Meetu D!]

As it looks-like, majority of the choices I make [about what outfit to wear] are either dependent on the weather or on the fact that 'I-haven't-worn-it-since-soooo-long'! This cute little denim dress I had picked up, from Chicago 2 years back, for a bargain [I love Macy's]. And then I rely on my ability of accessorize with everything I have in my wardrobe! I always get numerous compliments whenever I wear these tights. However, the best one that day was, "You know how to work your colors, gal!"

Every week we have a "Working Women's Wednesday" at the nearby pub where delicious Margaritas are for just $2.00 and to top it the DJ plays my kinda music (Fergie, Jay Z, Rihanna, et al). But what they don't know is that I am not a 'working-woman' ... so shhhhh!

Happy Weekend, everyone!

Fashion 101

Since my last Fashion blog, almost 2 weeks back, I have been thinking relentlessly about - "What makes an outfit work?" (My reader - Meetu D asked me to elaborate on this and hence the post!). However, I am a staunch believer of 'individualistic' fashion & style. I do not think that any one fashion mantra can probably work on everyone!

Nonetheless, after mulling over this for over 10 days I have managed to make a list of some basic style parameters that I apply for myself. Please! let me know if anyone else out-there puts as much thought into 'what-to-wear' as I do? Sometimes I feel guilty of using so much of my precious 'think-time' into my clothes ... but I owe it to myself. I have to look & feel fabulous - everyday! (Absolutely any excuse to dress up!)
  1. Dress according to the place - I always make sure I am appropriately dressed for the venue. I am not self-concious, however I do not feel comfortable wearing shorts dresses (or any clothing with shorter length) if I am in the company of elders or in a professional environment. 
  2. Dress according to the weather - Besides the fact that I am afraid, I might look a little 'silly' wearing leather boots in summers or mini-dresses in winters ... it is also extremely uncomfortable! While many fashion advocators would support style over comfort but I am all for comfort first! (I believe humans started wearing clothes in the first place to be more comfortable in the changing weather conditions!)
  3. Work with colors - I have tried to include each and every color in my wardrobe. When putting an outfit together, I try to pick a color first and then work around it.
    • Stream-of-thought No.1 -> Color, Clothing item (Dress/Skirt/Jeans etc.), Shoes, Jewelry 
    • Stream-of-thought No.2 -> Shoes, Clothing item, Jewelry. 
  4. Worth my Money? - I love shopping. I do not even need a reason to shop. Sad->Shop, Happy->Shop, Lonely->Shop, With Friends->Shop, Birthday->Shop, Anniversary->Shop ... You get the picture, right? But I also value my money, that's why I always hit the Sales rack first. (I am not a celebrity. No one cares when I bought the dress!) Before buying I always divide the cost of any product by the number of times I 'believe' will be wearing it. If that makes sense - I buy it! e.g. If something is for $50 dollars and I will probably wear at least 5 times - the cost is justified but if it costs $500 and I will probably wear it only once (in an year ... may be) then Really!? Do I 'really' need it?
  5. Don't collect Junk from Sales - I always pick up basics, like plain under shirts, leggings, socks, pajamas from Sales. While, Sales are an excellent way to splurge and yet be within budget, yet a lot of stuff on Sale is useless! I try and chant this mantra that while shopping. 
Below are some of my fashion choices over the last 2 weeks. As we know, unfortunately I cannot share elaborate information about my outfit but I can share my stream-of-thought while I was putting the outfit together. Here we go, again ...

I had my weekly coffee date with Hongmi. It was drizzling and a little chilly outside. We were going to indulge in some 'window-shopping' as well. Hence, my simple skinny-jeans and a light sweater with comfortable shoes. The neck-wrap is the highlight, obviously but I started putting the outfit together starting with color. 

We were off for an early morning breakfast followed by a day full of errands. It was a pleasant day with a slight chance of rain. Again, chose a comfortable cigarette jeans with turtle neck and a loose polka-dot top. I procured this top from a thrift shop for an extremely economical price (Yay! for me, since I lurrvee it). Needless to say, I started putting this outfit together starting with the top followed by the weather!

Nothing special about the day. It was a pleasant sunny-yet-chilly-afternoon and I had to go get the car serviced. I hadn't worn this fuchsia pink top since last Feb and wanted to wear it. And that's where the outfit started, followed by my favorite skinny pants, boots, jacket and lastly the sunglasses that have a hint of pink too!

It was really ... really cold that evening. We had plans to catch an early dinner followed by a movie. So I chose my warmest-long sweater with grey leggings and matching pumps. Perfect outfit to wear my heart-shaped pendant with. The outfit started with sweater and everything just came together :o)

Okay, don't be jealous but this was again the same agenda as the previous day. Out for an early dinner followed by My Name is Khan (Indian Movie). I had spent the day pampering myself at the Benefit counter (Macy's). I had received an invitation for a free makeoverrrr! You can't see the make-up here but I was looking decent. This outfit began with the uber-cool flower top with a zipper at the back (my fav!). I paired it with snug black leggings and super cute booties and finished with the metal-neck-chains.

Without rubbing it in-your-face, we probably had plans to continue celebrating my favorite month of February! It was not-that-cold in the evening. Again, I hadn't worn the dress in over a year and really wanted to wear it. So, started with the dress, followed by the leggings, then beaded-neck-chain and creamish-grey shoes! 

Oh! Finally an example of an outfit which started with shoes! It was The Valentine's Day. I didn't wanna wear 'pink' or 'red' for obvious reasons. Then I remembered that I had a t-shirt (which my mom forced me to buy last year) which matches perfectly with a pair of boots I own (which I bought against the better judgment of my brother). The jeans also happen to be my favorite pair of skinny-jeans!  Voila! (Green looks good, no?)

Phew! This brings us to an end of Fashion 101. (I hope y'll learnt something *wicked.laughter*) 

I Love Hearts!

Oh God! I am having performance anxiety today. I am writing this post under a huge pressure! A.) It's Valentine's Day and I don't have a romantic bone in my body & B.) I have promised ANUBHA to write a post on her birthday, so do not want to let her down! So before we begin, everyone please wish ANUBHA, my school friend (which takes us back to almost 15 years) a very Happy Birthday! She is the sweetest and the quirkiest person, I know. We often have a hard time figuring out when she is serious and when she is being sarcastic. In her own-sweet-way she expresses both these emotions with minimal disparity! 

After much deliberation I have, after all, decided to write about lurrrve

While 'googling' (is there anything left anymore that one can't google about?!) I found everyone had three major views about Valentine's Day. Either they - 
  1. Love it/Don't mind it - These are mostly the people who are in a relationship. Hence, they have someone to pamper them and spoil them, and most importantly share the day with!
  2. Despise it - Don't kill me but I have a feeling that these are mostly the 'Single' people in the society. They conveniently despise it till they happen to meet someone ... and then they will 'register' for the 'Love it' group, I assume.
  3. Everyday is like a Valentine's Day - I am not a sexist but these are probably men (may be even a few women) who do not want 'yet' another reason to go-out-there and buy a gift/flowers/candy (after in-numerous anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, etc. etc.) Therefore they have opted for a convenient excuse of we do not need one 'special' day to show love. We show it everyday! (Really?! ... I don't think so!) 
In case, anyone is wondering what my views are (although I highly doubt you are) - I 'really' can't remember if I ever had any views about - Valentine's Day. But the way I see it today is - another reason to be Happy, so why not?!? :o)

Way ... wayyyyy ... back I was introduced to this day by SAKSHI, one of my oldest friends. We used to live in the same neighborhood aka 'colony' (anyone who lives in the same locality as us, we refer to them as 'colony' friend, in India). Her progressive older cousins from Bombay had introduced her to this 'Red' occasion and she passed on her wisdom to me. Therefore, needless to say she was my first and only Valentine for a longggg time! ... and after that since I loved giving cards, I continued the tradition by giving a Valentine's Day Card to all my girlfriends. However, my only boy-Valentine has been my husband. This year, he has treated me to everything I wanted - A Movie Night, followed by Deep Pink Roses, Brownies, and White Wine. So, of course, I love Valentine's Day ('almost' ... as much as any other day) and I am Thankful I have someone to celebrate it with. *starry.eyed.look*

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!


Shallow? Who? ... Me?!?!

A friend of mine called me last night ... while I was indulging in some late night television. She needed some 'fake' quotes for her grad-school assignment on Luxury Brands! Of course she called ME! In her own words, "I don't know anyone else who is into brands more than you!" While on any other day I would take this as a compliment but I have a distinct feeling that it wasn't this time! Regardless of the fact that she was calling me for help!, she called me shallow! I love her and hence she is safe from any pain that could have been inflicted on her ... but wait-a-sec ... Hello!? Did she just say shallow? ... Who? ... Me?!??

Let's put Tanvi under the microscope (Yes! Again! It's my blog, who else do you think we will be talking about here?!). In my 120 posts, over the period of 14 months, we have learnt many things about me. Like, that I am judgmental, opinionated, maaayyy be politically-incorrect, sometimes stubborn, too honest for-my-own-good, sharp tongue and even seldom conceited! But hey! - Shallow is where I draw the line. I over-rule this objection! I am not shallow. 

I am amused by fashion. I like brands because they symbolize quality and luxury. I am aware of my surroundings which include politics as much as it does the 'it' bag from Chanel. And yes, may be in my world "I" does come before "U". Nonetheless, these are the choices I make for myself and not judge the world by them. This is the way I wish to lead my life and spend my money. However, I do not think less or more of anyone who follows opposite or same principles, respectively! I am not in the mood to explain who might be shallow in my eyes but it's definitely not me, people! I said the same words to my friend last night who I assume derived quotes out of it and said 'Good speech!" and hung up! Oh! well I'm glad I could help, I guess that's what shallow-people do in her world - Help! *wicked.grin* >

P.S. February - A month full of birthday! It's my cousin Ruchika's birthday today and I know she reads my blog regularly. I have wished her on every possible web-medium available so I thought, why not here too! Right? Happy Birthday, Ruchika! Have a great year ahead :o)

Hello?...why NOT me?

We often see people facing-up-towards-the-sky to some invisible phenomenon and complain about their life, using the words - "Why Me?". I, however, have an absolutely opposite complaint or rather a personal issue of - "Why not me?" 

Let me start from the beginning... 

  • I was a chubby kid all my life
  • I was not popular in High School
  • I was never part of any school 'club' or 'fun' activity
  • I never played sports (unless it was an ultimate requirement)
  • Neither was I an academic genius! (I am kinda glad about it though!)

Thank God! I was not born in poverty. That would have, definitelynot suited my personality and lifestyle (sooooo grateful). However, let me help you catch up with my stream-of-thought for this post. I have been watching the telecast of all the Awards shows (in Hollywood and Indian Cinema) every weekend for past 4-5 weeks. I have also been catching some of the sports tournaments on television - Snow Boarding, Ice Skating, etc. (qualifying for the up-coming Winter Olympics in Vancouver). I can't help myself but wonder why is that God (a.k.a that invisible phenomenon in the sky) has deprived me of any 'talent' what-so-ever? I do not mean the mediocre-level of activities that I keep indulging in, I mean the mind-blowing-earth-shattering kinda talent! Talent like what Meryl Streep has, Beyonce has, Roger Federer has, Muhammad Ali has or even Giselle Bündchen has! I, my friend have no-such-talent to boost off! 

Giselle Bündchen

Don't get me wrong. This is not a self-pit-loathsome post. Kindly do not leave comments helping me count my qualities. I am aware of, all of them. Trust me! Modesty is not one of my virtues! And neither am I ungrateful for all that I have, I am only stating the facts and honestly wondering why not me? 

I am aware that everyone has their set of problems and issues (just like me). But I am totally ready to exchange my life for Beyoncé's or Giselle's (for example) in a blink of an eye. They are more than welcome to come and live my life while I 'struggle' in theirs. 

Beyoncé Knowles 

I guess the 'wise' point I am trying to derive out of all this - is that - I would definitely like to stay-in my own life ... unless, of course, I am given a chance to exchange it for some ultra talented life. Hopefully, glamour is involved too, since I love dressing up and clicking pictures ;)

Come on, India! Really?

... thoughts continued from my previous post (from over a month ago) - Click here > Strive to gain pre-eminence

What is wrong with my country and it's people? Why have we not learnt from our mistakes? The only time we seem to display our secularism and solidarity is probably in the Incredible India tourism campaign. We are proud to be a multi-cultural nation but only when the discussion is about food, clothing, and festivals. But at the first sign of things not going our desired way - we scum to the shallowest level and  capitulate into the hands of dirty politics of regionalism or sexism or nationalism - absolutely anything that'll work!

Earlier I used to believe that probably the reason for India's slow progress is it's ever-growing population, poverty and lack of education. However, with time I am learning that it's the educated, selfish, and short-sighted people that are the real problem. The truth of the matter is that when we see 'others' progress and prosperity we get jealous and instead of trying to make ourselves better at our respective jobs, we try and find ways to brings 'the others' down. All the education in the world can not teach a selfish person - humanity and compassion. I am ashamed to say but that's how 'most' Indians think. 

From where I stand, I see all my colleagues, ex-classmates, friends, relatives, neighbors everyone and find one thing in common - dissatisfaction! None of us are content with what we have. We want more. We want what others have. We will fight whichever way we know - to get more than the next person or to snatch it away from him/her. But when asked to stand up for what is wrong and incorrect or outright illegal, we are extremely adaptable. We adjust to the everyday illicit and corrupt environment around us because clearly who has time to change it? Right?

A few days back, while watching all the Hollywood stars raise money for the Haiti disaster and other charities, I expressed to my husband that one day I would like to give back to my country too. When he asked what cause would I like to take upon - I was quick to reply - that it would be something that helps people to change their prespective. I would really like to try and find ways that make people learn how to be at peace with themselves ... learn to accept their surroundings rather than complain ... learn to use their logical brain rather than get influenced ... and learn to make changes from within than to point fingers at others ... Some might find my views idealistic. I believe I am being practical!

When we have nothing sensational to print, or campaign about we go back to favorite punching bag - Pakistan bashing! We are all too quick to dump all our problems on Pakistan. They might or might not be responsible for spreading terrorism but it's us who is eating our own country out of pettiness and irresponsibility. People from Pakistan are not coming and asking us to be selfish, stupid or sexist. We are quite capable of it, on our own. 

I wish that everyone would go back to doing their own jobs and mind their own business. Half the problem would get solved, automatically. Let the cricketers play cricket, movie-stars make movies and politicians do ... err ... I forget, what exactly is it that they do?

Last Days of Winters

I am aware that most people do not like winters. Me? I love them! Specially, since I turned 'skinny' (jealous much? *tch.tch.* Ok! Ok! I'll play nice, today). Of course, winters are dreadful and the wind makes it even more unbearable (dry skin, chapped lips, coarse hair, grrr) but they are way better than the sweaty summers (sweat rings, eeeewwww). Winters have a solution - You can check the weather and dress accordingly. Wear as many layers as you wish (as your size allows) and block the cold. There is a solution! However, what solution does summer provide? Except stay indoors in an air-conditioned room ( i.e. carbon polluted air). No matter how sparsely you dress there is no running away from the sun! 

Don't get me wrong - I luuuurrrrve summers. Shorts, Minis, Cotton dresses, ... What's not to love? I am only trying to put the practicality, in terms of wardrobe, in perspective here. Of course, there are places like California and Mexico, which are blessed with 12 months of perfect weather. But the whole world cannot move there! We are most likely to be stuck in super-ultra-cold places like Chicago, New York, Denver or super-annoyingly-warm places like Dubai, Delhi, Texas. 

But I say, enjoy where you are and make the most of it. Stop getting pissed at the weather. There is really no point! God isn't twisting your arm and making you stay wherever it is that you stay. It's your free will. 

Well, enough lecture for today. Let's re-cap my fashion choices in the last few weeks. But before you scroll down, let me defend myself and say that the only reason I enjoy fashion blogging (besides the fact that I love getting my pictures clicked) is that I am daily inspired by the various fashin-bloggers whom I have been following for few months. They are simply fabulous in their styling. I am just hoping to pass on the torch ...  

P.S. I am sorry I cannot share my shopping secrets (i.e. where I got what from) with you any more because I have been told not to. Can't tell you by whom but it's someone you know and someone I am scared of! Ha! Keep guessing and if you crack it then shhhhhh!

Unsolicited Fashion Advice

Spring 2010 Fashion Trends Courtesy Elle.com

I notice that often my stream-of-thought changes with geographic locations. I suppose, a psychotherapist would only find it normal, but I find it intriguing. However, the topic of this post is about to revolve more around fashion than f-ilosphy! 

Seldom, while traveling or viewing pictures of other's touristic adventure, I wonder 'why are they wearing; what they are wearing?' Hence I decided to address this topic here and let people at least have a chance to make wardrobe changes. I am aware that I am at a risk of offending many-many people here, therefore the use of the word - Unsolicited!

I am mostly addressing people over the age of 25 here. I believe everyone has a leverage of 25 years to form fashion opinions and find their own comfortable niche. After that you have either learnt or you are living in denial! 

Let's start with men first: 
  1. Do not wear body-fit clothes guys (unless of course, you are a model, but I am guessing that is highly unlikely for the majority). Nevertheless, after a certain age they simply look crass and end up emphasizing on your belly region more than anything.
  2. Do not wear too shockingly bright colors (God forbid if you choose to wear Neons, you are beyond help, in my eyes). Mostly Indian men have dark or wheatish complexion and bright colors are just-not-for-you! End of story. 
  3. Wear comfortable clothes. How hard is that? When men are in clothes they do not really feel at-ease in - it shows! They end up being fidgety which is really unbearable to the on-looker. 
  4. Avoid wearing too much of any one brand. Often I see people wearing one brand over-the-top. There is nothing technically wrong with it, only it seems that you got a cheap bargain at it and you decided to pick it all up. If you really like the fit then at least try to pick different patterns, colors, and not in-your-face-logo of the brand! Personal advice - Avoid bulk shopping at Zara, Polo, Armani Exchange after the age of 25 (Ok 30 max.)! 
  5. Don't blindly follow the western fashion/celebrities. You don't have the same body structure or skin tone. Hence, it doesn't suit you (often!). And about following celebrity-fashion-trends (Indian or otherwise) - They are woe-ing the audience, and have an 'image' to represent. However, you are not representing anyone but yourself and no one is about to air-brush your pictures. So dress according to your age and body, not fashion trends. Food for thought - Trends will go, but pictures will stay! 
Now coming to women. This is going to be way more tricky because women are way more sensitive to criticism (myself, included). Of course, what right do I have to tell anyone what to do? None, what so ever! Please feel free to make digs at me, too. As long as they are not out of envy and/or jealousy (Really!)
  1. Don't follow fashion. Sarah Jessica Parker once said, "Don't wear clothes because others are wearing them." I happen to agree. Wear clothes which makes you look & feel good. Fashion can take a hike! It's good to be fashionable but only when fashion makes you look good! 
  2. Don't forget your paunch! Really! how many of us have a perfect-flat-stomach? And yet, we are determined to wear body-fitted dresses circling our paunch almost, as if with a compass! It's even more tragic when such disasters are recorded on camera everyday and posted by friends/family on facebook for everyone to witness! Really tragic ... My condolences!
  3. Watch your make-up ladies. I do not know why, but most (if not all) asian women are on a mission you look fairer. If the fairness cremes don't seem work, they trade for a foundation one shade lighter than their skin-tone. Unfortunately, it only makes their face look white washed almost like a geisha. Personal tip -  Click a picture before leaving home. If you look like a freak there, you are most likely to look like one, when you step out in public too! 
  4. Break the rules. Where does it say that night-outs mean dresses and day-wear means Jeans & shorts? Well, personally I love to mix-n-match. I would wear Jeans in the evening with a nice top, when I know everyone else will be wearing their 'paunch-hugging' dresses. Simple and effective way to stand-out and sit comfortably! ;)
  5. Keep it simple. Either work the clothes or use the accessories. Don't do both, ever! You only end up looking like a circus, really. Even while accessorizing, choose one - bunch of bangles/bracelets or bunch of necklaces/chains or one of each! Never ALL!
I can go on ... and on ... and on ... but then that would be just me being 'mean'. These are mostly advices for what not-to-do rather than what to-do. These are not about any 'one' person but only my observations which, due to social decency I haven't been able to address to people one-on-one (How I wish I could, though *wink*). I am hoping everyone will read my blog and put me out of the misery of viewing their bad (sometimes really bad) pictures! 

P.S. Today is Veronica's birthday! Send her wishes people. She is so young and already paranoid about her age. Best wishes & Strength! 
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