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Wine & Dine

Disclaimer: The story here got this potboiler brewing.

I graduated from college in 2003 and landed my first job in the city of London, U.K. soon after. My family was going through a difficult time back then which restricted the duration of my communication with my father over the phone. So we started writing letters to each other in which we shared our views about everything. We both are very philosophical about life which means we never fall short of topics to discuss. 

Today I feel compelled to write about something he wrote to me once which has been a fundamental factor in my decisions about my life there after. While this might be true for other cultures as well but I only speak as an Indian here. While this might seem something that happens in Drama movies but believe-you-me that it is quite true for Indian culture. Girls/women are often compelled by guilt to make decisions about their life/career/partner on basis of what society [and their family] might think about it. Though I was brought up in a relatively conservative and strict household we were always given the freedom of thought and decisions, which I think is most important of all. 

So, during my first year of my first job, my father told me to always make decisions based on what "I" really wanted to do in life and/or what "I" believed [with all the knowledge I had access to] was right. He said, specially to never make decisions in order to make 'others' happy or because someone would get hurt. 

[This would make me sound insensitive but I have to say it!] There might be times when we have ailing parents/grandparents whom we do not want to hurt and thus end up making sacrifices or decide to continue to suffer in pain but he told me to always stay rationale. Judge the situation and not circumstances for you have to be able to live with your decision even when the circumstances change. Unfortunately, we do not have any control over death [our own or anyone else's]. Also, everyone has just one life to live, which includes each one of us! I am not propagandizing selfish-ism [I made up this word!] just making sure we all realize that we have the right to make our decisions and the right to be happy. 

*snap* Back to the glamour! 

Boots - Part of my Birthday Gift from Husband [2010']

It was my handsome husband's birthday over the weekend and we celebrated with some delicious food and some wine/beer! It was his 4th birthday that we had celebrated as a couple. It was a wonderful evening. Also, I got so many compliments from strangers that I was *almost* blushing. 

Oh, ... and ya ... I forgot to mention ... that's how I had dressed for the Wine & Dine ;)

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