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Top Twenty from Twenty Ten

My personal 20 favorite looks from 2010
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I always ask you guys 'Poll' my different looks but this time instead, I am picking my personal favorites from 200 something outfits [200++ I know, Right?] I posted in 2010. 

The criteria was simple, I went through the archives and these outfits reminded me how good or how comfortable or how fabulous I felt in them. It has absolutely nothing to do with trends, or if I was looking thin/fat ... I simply browsed through my albums and I picked these 20. I didn't even have to short list them. They ended up being a round number - 20, all by it self. It is the end of the year and things are falling in place automatically, even if it something so irrelevant!  

You all do not have to to pick your favorites [unless you really want to, or those of you who did not bother reading what I had to say, will surely pick one! :P]

P.S. Apparently July was my most stylish month of the year and September the least. Wondering why?! Hmmm...

3 more days to go! eeeeee!

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