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We spent the Sunday in bed being lazy and watching non-stop television and caught up with ABC's No Ordinary Family back-to-back. In a nut-shell it is about humans with special powers. So while viewing the show husband asks, "Assuming you are a super-woman right now (of course!), what do you think is your super-power?" Hmmm ...  He got me thinking [again!]. 

Considering that while I do consider my self quite fabulous, I haven't considered the possibility of having any super-powers! After a minute or so I decided that my super-power is that - "I have my head-on-my-shoulders". All the appreciation in the world cannot make me fly high and neither can any form of criticism from anyone bring my spirits down or make me doubt myself. I might get hurt if my family and friends thought less of me but that still wouldn't shatter my conviction. 

So I guess my super-power lies in the fact that I am my true judge and while I am aware of my 'awesomeness' I am also very much aware of my short-comings [from which I never shy away!]. I do zone out into introspection every now and then. I believe, to know if the people around you are honest, you need to be honest with yourself first. 

What do you think is your Super-Power?

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1. How to wear a bandage dress?
2. 5 ways to transform 'ONE' dress

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  1. My God Tanvi,
    Only you could have lived this challenge for so long n with such a panache!
    Three cheers to you!
    N I can see why there are new readers on board...
    It is just the beginning:-)

    All the looks are fab...
    Waiting for your India visit to catch up:-)

  2. Fabulous outfits babe!!!
    I think everyone has super power (or perhaps i should call it a special power)

    Wishing you a lovely day dear


  3. lovely outfits!!!great!

  4. oh girl you look so cute - loving the first one.. hmm my superpower? well i would love to be able to teleport but lets go with "find a good bargain" lol xx

  5. Just 4 more days left!! U are doing awesome!!

    Did check out ur blog post at FCUK!! great job!!

    super-powers. hmmm, juggling job, blog, home, kids - I think I already have super powers:-)

  6. I am particularly loving 24 and 26. Bravo once again lady...and woo hooooooooooo it's almost done!!! :)

  7. Love the first look the most! :) Congratulations on successfully generating brilliants looks, one after the other!

    Follow my blog at
    Enter my big fat Sony Ericsson giveaway!

  8. The blue and yellow dress- I HEART..and HEART again!

    We end up playing No Ordinary Family in the background as well..and i could do with the power of being supersonic-run fast do everything fast and be super skinny and eat all the fooooood and junk stashed away without worrying about weight..! :-p
    Save the World, Don't Save the Fat!

  9. pics of 25 are just awesome! congos on the French Connection blog :)
    off to read it now.

  10. I love this batch of outfits. THey're all so pretty. Number 23 is definitely one of my favourites. I love the skirt!

  11. Wow, I really love that military jacket, it's super cute! And can't believe you've come so far with the remix challenge:)


  12. Love the first one the most! Ah, I love mustard and navy, you look stunning as ever! XX!

  13. Looking phantastic every day, Tanvi! Not many can wear strong blue like you and I'm still in love with the mustard curdoroy skirt.

  14. It's wonderful you have such self-confidence. We need not be dependent on others for that. Especially not when one has the sophisticated fashion-style you display here!

  15. What a fabulous super power to have! You're almost there and love the way the mixing has gone!

  16. this is such a tough one! But your response reminds me of first yr in college, this senior was ragging me and asked me 'one good thing abt me' and I said 'I am honest with myself' and he immed replied back saying 'what's the big deal abt that' and at that time, even now, I feel it is a genuine big deal and people seldom realise it! I think my superpower is mundane observations (for the self or in general)..ha! Just made that up, let me think abt this darn superpower...btw, keep at the challenge love the looks everyday!

  17. you ARE fabulous! i love these looks, especially #23!

  18. am liking all your luks..for that matter im liking all your luks for 30 on 30!!!!!!
    my super to be able to disconnect, i can emotionally disconnect..with anyone anytime required, if the relationship comes to such a pass that it starts hurting me, i can disconnect with that person totally.....shut him.her out of my mind.....well, it takes a bit of time but once i get the determination, it just happens in a jiffy....and i have had people telling me that i have suddenly gone cold, but thats just me saving myself a lot of mental torture by being with that person in such a relationship.....

  19. So many cute looks! You are so creative, Tanvi! Congrats on your new blogging gig!

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

  20. Hey babe!! Looking awesome as all your looks (needless to say!)......& the FCUK blog is rocking too! :)

    And of course! Let the countdown begin!!!!!! :))

  21. Hey!30/30 almost over.
    What a challenge! which we enjoyed and you created looks so differently.
    Read your post at FUCK.Interesting as always:)Congrates!

  22. that mustard skirt is PERFECTION! love it!!!!

  23. loving the first look..the skirt is divine...

    and i have the yellow old navy sweat shirt too..hehehe...

  24. Each outfit is soo unique! I LOVE the first one!

  25. Love that skirt in the first set--I like this combo a lot more than how you'd styled it previously--love how the jacket picks out the golden tones in the skirt.

    But then, anything you wear looks fab! :)

  26. U look pretty in all the looks. I like the blue dress the best. :)

  27. lovely outfits ^^ i love the first one the best ^^

    following! plz check out my blog too ^^

    @ Read the story here. Please Help, Thank you.

    @ xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  28. I love the first look...great color combination. you look like you are having fun with this challenge!!!

  29. I agree with Naina, the first look is fabulous!

    I don't know if I can survive thi challenge!


  30. 23 and 25 are my favs! You look so refreshed in all these pics super power girl!

  31. First look is my fave! the skirt is sooooo pretty, I love that color, and it looks so good with that jacket!

    My superpower would be being supersmart. Not to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty witty :D

  32. I love the casual chic number 25... :) Take me to India puhhleeezzzz...!!!

  33. love 25 and you look soo cute in 26 too!! I'm always a fan of yellow :) Congrats on the FCUK thing..will check it out!!

  34. You are rocking it out. I like the first two outfits, but they all are good pics.

  35. Hi doll,
    Fabulous looks oc course with lots of spunk! I've not been able to post comments as much since your new design as I think it has something to do with my browser. you're too advanced for me darling! lol. I think my superpower is intuition. I'm always dead on! xo

  36. Love them all, sweetie! Especially the first one! Schoolgirl chic. Too cute for words :) xoxo

  37. Your blog is so cute! Love the colors.
    xoxo, Angie

    would you like to follow each other?

  38. 23 is probably my favorite look so far in 30/30. hmmmm super powers....will have to think abt that...not sure if I have any haha.

  39. 23 is one of my favorites! I love navy and mustard, and those details on your sweater make it even better.

  40. Hi tanvii.. loved all the four specially the last two.. and congratulations on the fcuk thing !! keep rocking babes.. nd about my super power well I need time to find out !!!

  41. :)) 23 is definitely a favorite! the whole styling, the colors and the matching necklace n the skirt! plus the knee-hight socks! waah waah..:)

  42. Work it girl! You're almost there and you're still looking fab! I think we all have some type of super power:-). XX

  43. You OWN this challenge!!! Feel free to start tooting your own horn at any time :)

  44. I love these outfits, especially the first and last one! The blues are gorgeous :]

  45. Cute clothes and cute blog!! My friend, sister and I are doing our 30 for 30 starting January-everyone makes it look so easy, I am so nervous!


  46. loving the military inspired sweater and your flowery top! great combos sweets!

  47. all fabulous looks, lovin' the last two outfits especially! great response to your husband's have a keen awareness of who you are as an that's admirable.

  48. I just stumbled upon your blog and I am SO glad I did! I loved this post. You are adorable. And congrats on writing for the FCUK India Blog :)

    Love the first look!

    style activist

  49. super power hmmm I think my powers of perception :)
    no 23 is fab and will check out the FCUK blog now

  50. fabulous outfits..
    I loved seen you in navy and yellow together..
    Im looking for photograph someone like that one day

  51. wow! these are all lovely combination! especially the first one! :)

    p.s. thanks for getting back to me about the pictures. I'd like to use those with the animal print. In fact, I'm digging your archives right now for them. I'll let you know once the post is up. linking back to you, of course :)

  52. the tights and socks are a great pair together !

    glisters and blisters

  53. you look lloovveelllyyyy! I adore the first outfit :)


  54. You have an amazing sense of style...The first outfit is amazing!!! I so want that top:)
    Hugs and kisses, darling

  55. Tanvi--fellow remixer here, slowly getting around to visiting all of the remixers' blogs. The sweater in the top photo here is fabulous. Best of luck with what's left of the challenge.

  56. Attagirl! U performed brilliantly in this challenge and uber-stylishly too!

    Good to know u blog for FC India..I know some famous ppl, eh?!

    I had written a post on FCUK read it if u havent yet

  57. My super power is being able to fall down newhere, n get up without so much as a wimp- n i mean literally fall down n otherwise!:D



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