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Sunny Winters

You know my wrap-up post from 30 for 30, last week? Well, if you do then no need of clicking on the link but if you do not then you might wanna check it first else you wouldn't get what I am going to say! 

So you know I asked everyone to let me know their least and most favorite look out of the 30 that I had posted. While most of you were very sweet and showered me with compliments, few actually took the dare plunge to mention their least favorite look. And I was glad that they did! What got my attention was that while one person said, say for example #99 was their least favorite then someone else said that it was, in fact, their most favorite of the lot. And that happened more than once. [Go check it, I am not lying! :)

I cannot help but deduce that when everyone is leaving their feedback or criticism what they are actually doing is just sharing their 'preference' and how they would [or would not] have worn it! I get to learn a little about your like/dislike and it doesn't necessarily mean you are disapproving of my outfit. Just to make it clear I am not looking for approval either. Clearly I approve of my own outfit and that is why I am ready to post it [put if out there!] for public scrutiny.

Anyhoo, I am simply amused by the fact that how the same outfit rated so drastically different on different people meter. And that is a GOOD thing. That's what makes blogging and the feedback so interesting. Almost a year into fashion blogging and I am finally getting the hang of how the 'comments-drama' works! 

We are indeed having a sunny winters here in Texas, 
but if the weather reports are to be trusted that is about to change tonight, bringing in the freeze!
Sweater & Tank - ASOS [10']
3/4 Jeans - Gap [09']
Shoes - Pier Lucci [07']

P.S. Welcome new readers! I always try and check out everyone's blogs and connect as much as I can but some of you do not have blogs, only profiles so I cannot reply to your questions or respond. I would use this opportunity to thank you for your lovely and thoughtful comments. I appreciate them a lot. I really do! 

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