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Sheila Ki Jawani à la Tanvi

This is the latest 'Item Number' to hit the Hindi Movie scene, after Munni Badnaam. Let me explain the concept of 'Item Number' in our movies to my Non-Desi readers...

To begin with, firstly Indian movies are not musicals. Song and dance is simply a format of story telling that we have adopted and now learnt to love [read: can't live without!]. Like Hollywood we too have commercial cinema and Indie movies [which we refer to as Art Cinema]. Most commercial movies have an 'item number' which essentially means a song with peppy beats and easy to grasp lyrics which might not make any sense but they sure feel good to sing along and dance to. More often than not these songs would have provocative dance moves and tongue-in-cheeks lyrics which would be a big 'taboo' in our otherwise conservative society but since its in the form of a peppy-song-number - it'll fly

Anyhoo, I am no moral police in this matter. In fact me and Mr. Fabulous love such songs. We call them Chheechoora Songs [loose translation would be Ghetto songs] and often dance to them and have a party of two at our place. We really do not need anyone else - Just US and some Item Numbers! ;)

So what's that got to do with my outfit? Nothing! I just get inspired to dance in Indian clothes when I hear such songs. I have been doing this since high school but have documented it only once on the blog previously here!  

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