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Profile Pictures

Disclaimer: This post, in no way, is meant to mock anyone. All persons in this post are purely fictitious, and any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is purely coincidental [:P]

You know, at times when you keep refreshing your Facebook page but no new update are there? Yeh! You know what I am talking about. So on one such afternoon I observed some random trends on facebook. 

Have you ever noticed how the Profile Picture of girls on facebook, change with the different phases of their lives?

Teenager in Middle School - A wicked shot with crazy effects, most likely with a killer pout.

Teenager in High School - A picture along with a good friend or boy friend being inappropriately close or making out.

College Student - Definitely a shot of a crazy night of partying, with a personal close up shot every now and then between the weekends.

Engaged - A Picture from the day you got engaged! Of course! 

Newly Married - A Picture from your Wedding Day! It is definitely worth showing off. 

Married for some time - You are back to being normal. Putting your smart and chic shots [with or without your husband] where you believe you look good and 'thin' 

New Moms - You are in a whirlwind of baby-frenzy now. You will post your baby's pictures as your profile picture till the day baby is not old enough to have his/her own Facebook Page! 

Eventually once your kids are grown up and embarrassed themselves to be in your profile pictures you will again go back to 'normal' profile pictures. But you might get into the baby-frenzy again, once you become 'Grand Mothers'. 

If you do not fall into any of these stereotypes that I have noticed then I applaud you for your better thinking and choices in life! ;) 

Shoes - United Nude [08']
Sweater Dress - Nordstorm Rack [10']
Necklace - Gift [Mom 09']

Shirt Dress - Giovani [Delhi 07']
Necklace - India [09']
Shoes - No Brand [Italian Make 10']

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