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On Other Days...

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 Wearing (4) (20) & (26) from My Picks: 30 for 30

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 Wearing (19) (22) & (26) from My Picks: 30 for 30

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 Wearing (9) (20) & (26) from My Picks: 30 for 30

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Wearing (10) (12) (16) & (28) from My Picks: 30 for 30

Thank you all so much for the loving and positive comments in the past few days. They have been bringing a huge smile on my face everyday. Also, I would like to welcome all my new readers - Welcome Onboard! 

So the winter has finally decided to embrace Texas and is staying here for a while. I am loving it! There isn't much new update [besides the weather!] to give on my end except that I am eagerly waiting for this challenge to get over [Have you gotten tired of me whining about it yet!?]. Though it has been creatively fulfilling, I have come to realize that it is not really something 'for me'. I have been 'remix-ing' my wardrobe for a long time now. I wear the same pieces from my wardrobe over and over again for several years, actually! So this challenge has just confined me from using my other fabulous clothes. While I am no quitter and will complete it, I do not think it is the 'right' challenge for me in future! But we'll see, 'coz for some weird reason I like to torture myself and take upon challenges for no rhyme or reason! 

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