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Life's Motto No.1

Dress - Debenhems [10']
Necklace - Francesca's [08']
Riding Tights - Hue [10']
Boots - No Brand [10']

Texas needs to make up its mind! It was warm, humid, then rainy and groggy, and now cold and windy. Mind you all in one day. It doesn't look like Christmas from any angle. I am so disappointed. It has never been this way [at least not in the last 4 years that I have been here!]. 

In other news I received an awesome comment by Kay, on one of my old posts - The List which was the highlight of an otherwise terrible day [weather wise!]
Hey Tanvii ... OMG... No body has inspired me more than you.. at times I enter shock and it takes time to get out ... I simply love your collection of clothes, your fitness funda and all above the terrific body u have.... things seem impossible to me but whenever I get demotivated I refer to your blog and here I go again to acheive what I want.... I will definately post my pics once I get in shape which will be soon... my all friends, sisters.. are aware that I follow you. I wish I could connect with you on FB in person but still something is better than nothing... Great goin girl.. God bless you.. MUWAH 

There was no email address or blog connected to Kay's profile so I do not have any other way to contact her and say - Thank You! I was having a dull day and your comment instantly brightened it up. This only enforces my belief that you cannot motivate anyone who doesn't have the will within. Everyone who has emailed me to tell me that I motivated them, I have realized that it was purely because they were looking for motivation, in the first place. Just the thought that I was able to motivate someone, motivates me right back. And helps me stay on-track with fitness and try even harder [I did one-crazy-ass workout today!].

I know it is the festive season and everyone is ready to indulge in some cookies and cakes and let themselves go, but let me be the bearer of difficult news [as always!]- Calories count and stick on your ass. 5 minutes of indulgence will cost you more than 5 hours of workout. It is just another Christmas and not the end of the world! You know, come New Year you will be making those pointless/baseless 'New Year Resolutions' e.g. to fit into your favorite jeans, or what not but we all know it ain't gonna happen! I am just saying...

"If you start making the right choices for yourself...
you'd be surprised how addictive high self-esteem is."- Fergie
I couldn't have said it any better

Life's Motto No.1 
Eat moderately & slowly, but frequently!

P.S. I do not mean to dampen anyone's festive spirit. This 'reminder' was specifically for those who struggle to maintain their weight [like me] and have been working out relentlessly to improve their fitness. If you are one of those 'blessed' people who are invincible to weight gain or all things fat, then go right ahead. And please have an extra slice for me, of whatever-goodness you choose to indulge in! :o) 

Merry Christmas! 

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