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Life's Motto No.1

Dress - Debenhems [10']
Necklace - Francesca's [08']
Riding Tights - Hue [10']
Boots - No Brand [10']

Texas needs to make up its mind! It was warm, humid, then rainy and groggy, and now cold and windy. Mind you all in one day. It doesn't look like Christmas from any angle. I am so disappointed. It has never been this way [at least not in the last 4 years that I have been here!]. 

In other news I received an awesome comment by Kay, on one of my old posts - The List which was the highlight of an otherwise terrible day [weather wise!]
Hey Tanvii ... OMG... No body has inspired me more than you.. at times I enter shock and it takes time to get out ... I simply love your collection of clothes, your fitness funda and all above the terrific body u have.... things seem impossible to me but whenever I get demotivated I refer to your blog and here I go again to acheive what I want.... I will definately post my pics once I get in shape which will be soon... my all friends, sisters.. are aware that I follow you. I wish I could connect with you on FB in person but still something is better than nothing... Great goin girl.. God bless you.. MUWAH 

There was no email address or blog connected to Kay's profile so I do not have any other way to contact her and say - Thank You! I was having a dull day and your comment instantly brightened it up. This only enforces my belief that you cannot motivate anyone who doesn't have the will within. Everyone who has emailed me to tell me that I motivated them, I have realized that it was purely because they were looking for motivation, in the first place. Just the thought that I was able to motivate someone, motivates me right back. And helps me stay on-track with fitness and try even harder [I did one-crazy-ass workout today!].

I know it is the festive season and everyone is ready to indulge in some cookies and cakes and let themselves go, but let me be the bearer of difficult news [as always!]- Calories count and stick on your ass. 5 minutes of indulgence will cost you more than 5 hours of workout. It is just another Christmas and not the end of the world! You know, come New Year you will be making those pointless/baseless 'New Year Resolutions' e.g. to fit into your favorite jeans, or what not but we all know it ain't gonna happen! I am just saying...

"If you start making the right choices for yourself...
you'd be surprised how addictive high self-esteem is."- Fergie
I couldn't have said it any better

Life's Motto No.1 
Eat moderately & slowly, but frequently!

P.S. I do not mean to dampen anyone's festive spirit. This 'reminder' was specifically for those who struggle to maintain their weight [like me] and have been working out relentlessly to improve their fitness. If you are one of those 'blessed' people who are invincible to weight gain or all things fat, then go right ahead. And please have an extra slice for me, of whatever-goodness you choose to indulge in! :o) 

Merry Christmas! 

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  1. Thankfully, i gain and lose weight easily :D Interesting look btw.

  2. Hi lovely.. your posts on fitness are informative as well as motivating .. I read and re read them to motivate myself.. but I am no where close to being in perfect shape.. nevertheless no hurry would keep trying !!

    P.S. heart the look....

  3. Great post for many reasons. But first, those look like horse-riding pants! Does Hue really make tights that mimic riding pants? How interesting.

    Second, you're so right about people being motivated. There's an old saying that "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear." We have to be capable of being motivated for someone to trigger that reaction in us.

    And Merry Christmas to you, too!

  4. i love this look, and I have to say ur blog motivates me too, not necessarily cos I am looking for it, but also cos i land up here suddenly and it's so darn refreshing, I get the urge to make happiness as well- in which ever form - and I think treating ur body with respect sort of is a basic- which I frankly ignore at times...but not worth it at all! So I'd say again, you go girl! :)

  5. Must agree with Kay. Love your tips and mottos and most of all ur honesty :)

  6. Schizophrenic weather is the worst! I used to have that all the time in London. In the same day it could snow, rain, and have the sun shine warmth and you have NO idea how to dress. I love the way the colors you're wearing blend perfectly with the autumn colors in the background :)

    I think I already follow that motto... I don't usually deny myself treats that I really, really love, but I only indulge in small quantities and make sure I eat plenty of good stuff to balance it out :)


  7. u look pretty as always...:) the dress is super cute...:) i hope u enjoy your holidays!:)

  8. You look great in those pics! I hate that I m not those lucky ones who do not gain weight no matter what they guess I need to slog it out.Infact I have increased my gym time since the food blog..LOL.
    Sweet comments are keepers..and I know how happy you would be :)
    happy Holidays!

  9. I agree with Kay, you are one bright spot of the internet. :)

    PS - Merry Christmas! :)

  10. Taaans!

    Like the polka dotted dress!

    And I am continuing with my jog...I have had temptations this winter to indulge in chocolates, cakes...gajar ka halva...u name it! :) But, what you are saying is so true!

    While I will not deny myself anything, I will definitely watch how much I eat going forward!

    Luv ya!

    Wishing you and Ashish a very Merry Christmas!!

  11. Love the dress. The colourful dots look great.

    At kleast you're getting some warmth. The cold is painful here!

    And it's just wonderful to receive nice comments like that. Really brightens up your day.
    And I needed that reminder. It's not even Christmas and I've been scoffing cakes and chocolate!

  12. I totally agree with Kay!! U are quite an inspiration...
    I can so well relate to so many things that you pen in your posts..and that's why I had to follow u the moment I came across ur blog :)... I've never thought of having a blog of my own..thanks to you who inspired me (unknowingly and unintentionally through your posts)
    keep writing ur fabulous stuff Tanvi :)

  13. Plka dots never looked better!! And that necklace is wow too. :) Thanks for the tips btw.

  14. your blog is a definite inspiratioN! but sometimes my laptop does not download all the features and the computer freezes. maybe it's my laptop but yes, your blog is great! and we definitely need to stay fit these holidays...

  15. You look gorgeous and are such an inspiration! Merry Christmas, sweetie! xoxo

  16. these holidays are taking a toll on my waistline But the workout can wait till after New Year :p ...When I need a workout, which i am pretty sure will, I will definitely look upto you for inspiration..Go tanvi :)

    You look great..Love the boots and anything polka dots is totally my it!!!

  17. The Fergie quote is so true.

  18. Oh girl you look so chic! Love your boots.

    Merry Christmas!

  19. Love your dress.
    I'm going to have to work out five hours from all that fried turkey I'm going to eat.
    What a sweet comment your reader left.
    Have a happy holiday and Merry Christmas!!!!

  20. I totally agree with KAY.And her comment too,is very inspiring.It makes the day nd brings happy Mood.
    Love this look of yours.Pic no.3 should be a cover page of faishon magzine.Loving the background.
    Touchwood !!

  21. I like your outfit. The boots look great. Also the motto by Fergie is so true. One bad mistake can cost you. Be smart with your food choices and you will be good!

    Merry Christmas!

  22. Love this post Tanvii and you look amazing in the dots! Merry Christmas to you and your hubby! Thanks for all the blog love too-you're a darling! XX

  23. Such a great reminder, and my nutrition professor taught us the same thing!

  24. Great look, the necklace is so so so cool!!! I love it!!

  25. Hiii.....I have Just One BIGGG Word for u .... "U TOTALLY ROCK".
    Love ur Attitude and ur amazing sense of style :)
    U Know this is my first post and follow up on any blog...just started now ...somewhere i felt connected with ur sense of style...
    I always end up buying so many things which i hardly use up more than twice and still feel i dont have anything types....but seeing u i am walking in opposite direction now :)
    Thanks for the lovely outfits and being such a lovely lady.

  26. You really do look amazing! And I think the cheerful dots make up for the drab weather...right now it's raining and depressing in my little corner of Texas...lame.

  27. u look fabuous. love that dress wth the cute pattern.
    hope u have a fabulous merry x-mas and that your christmas tree will be filled with lots of fabulous goodies!

  28. You look gorgeous! Merry Christmas, and thank you for your friendship, dear Tanvi! XX!

  29. Gorgeous polka dots dress..
    Loving the brown touch as well

  30. elle est magnifique cette robe, très jolies photos.


  31. Merrrrrry Christmassssss!!!

    Nice reminder just whilst I was brainstorming our Christmas brunch destination :-p Well I think we are opting for a 'healthy' restaurant now and my indulgence will be my favorite carrot cake SHARED.

  32. I like to eat and I like to work I do both! I don't judge anyone for being a total gym nazi or fast food junkie! I have my priorities and other people have their's...Live and Let Live is my motto # 1 :D

    Merry Christmas to you and your hubby! Have a wonderful day :D :D

    And I can't have an extra slice for you cause I already had my cheat day today :P

  33. ur advice will be helpful for me.. hehe.. to lose weight.
    oh.. btw however the whether be.. its still a MERRY Christmas :)
    have fun
    p.s.- gr8 pics

  34. sweety Merry Christmas one more time!!!!:)) have a wonderful day!!!!

  35. I wish fitness was my thing :P I just seem to be gorging on more desserts as time passes, but hopefully I'll get my act together soon :)
    Love the polka dotted dress btw!

  36. Morning Tanvii & Happy Xmas!

    For most of High School I was made to feel bad about my body, until I learned to work with it and not against it. Balance became an inevitable side effect...!

    I read your blog because it has all my favorite things - fashion, food, fitness, love and a good healthy dose of thought. But I admire you, cause you kill it in the gym and train harder than any girl I know. And your love for color is super infectious...! And mostly because reading your blog has made me not scared of getting married. I used to think being married is succumbing to a mundane life, but you make me now feel otherwise :))

    - Devie

  37. Your Blog Is So inpiring for me and you have such a nice way to write your posts wich encourages me to like you say eat Moderatly :)

  38. hi darling, merry christmas! you look sweet as always - and oh my what a nice thing she said abut you!

    I think I have to start learning to eat slower.. whenever the food is good I want to gobble it all up lol xx

  39. merry christmas sweetheart! I am following your advice :)

  40. Love how you made this your motto no. 1!! :P As for me...I love food too much to completely give it up...I just have it in moderation and work out more if I astray! Merry Christmas btw :)

  41. Lovely outfit!
    Merry Christmas

  42. Love the outfit as usual! :)

    Merry Christmas Tanvii!!

    PS - What were the 2 SLR cameras you recommended again? I think I'm finally gona throw down the cash for one and I can't remember which ones you said lol.

  43. A happy spotted Christmas , like stars on a star-studded Christmas nyte :) mwuahhh


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