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Let's Wrap this Up!

1:01 AM

"What I love most about your style is that you are so versatile. You adapt like a stylish chameleon to different occasions and I could never fit you into a category.Leia from Leia's Delight

"I like the way you mix and marry different styles. Brings out your singularity and unique fashion sense." Fashion, Art and Other Fancies

I do not think I can verbalize my style better than what my fellow bloggers have done for me. 
I will leave you to decide which one of these 30 looks is your 
most or least favorite. [I know you like that, so take your time ;)]
... there is nothing more I could say right now. 
I am just relieved that I got out of it 
alive and stylish ;)   

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  1. I definitely don't have a least favorite look, but i Really loved you in that blue dress. However, there were so many more that i liked too:-)

  2. Now it will be unfair on my part to choose just one look out of the 30 looks coz there r jus so many of them to like!

    U can give any fashion house a run for their money. Very well done Tanvii. :)

  3. you surely are a versatile fashion lady !
    by looking at these pics all together one cannot realize that these looks are created frm a limited wardrobe..
    i like them all...n my fav ones r - 7,11,22 !

  4. HOW can you ask me to choose ONE favourite?? Haha. I do like number 30 though. Great post!
    P.S. I'm hosting a couple of giveaways on my blog until tomorrow @ midnight Pacific time, with Marc Jacobs and Givenchy prizes. If you want in, here's the link: http://theblogofobsessivecoolness.blogspot.com :)

  5. i liked 5th, 7th and 15th the most. least... none.. :)

  6. What?? Choose a favourite look??? I'd rather choose a favourite book...and that to me is like having to choose a favourite finger to keep if say, I was given a horrible choice... whoops... off tangent again...

    Anyywayyy... my point... NO... cannot choose favourite look. How about favourite photo?

    Hmmm ... okay... 2, 4, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 19, 22, 27, 29... and 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28 and 30.


    Well done honey!

  7. Wow, so many amazing outfits! You look great especially in the ones with yellow touches!

    Come and take part to my giveaway!
    You'll be able to win a Casio watch!

  8. :) 29 in the last row/ 23 in the 5th row/ love the same boots with s many cool outfits in the 4th row, so the boots win in this one/ 15 in 3rd row/ 6 in second row and top gun hands down in the first row! bravo the stylish wifey who is not fat (the pics prove it too) you did great (inspiring and kinda challenging, nit sure we can take the challenge;)

  9. I loved #8!
    You look pretty in that!

  10. Tanvi you are not supposed to pose tough questions...you are only allowed to pose pretty !

    choose one ?? pagaal ho kya ?

    honestly sweety you are an amazing bunch of talent and goodness...
    but ya the Topgun look of 5 was my heart stealer !!

  11. You managed 30x30 beautifully (I think I've said that before). Most of your looks were amazing.

    Here are my faves: 3, 5, 8, 11, 20 (those boots have captivated my heart), 23 and 30 (as you can tell, I also love that skirt.)

  12. There are so many beautiful outfits and it's impossible to choose which one is my most fave cos each one is beautiful and unique on its own

    Happy Weekend babe


  13. i dont think i can choose one ??!!
    there's just too many beautiful outfit ! they're unique in their own ways :)

    have a great fridayyyy ! :)
    glisters and blisters

  14. i'm going to go with all things yellow & blue and that narrowing down an awful lot already! :)

  15. That is a tough choice!I like all of them ..The mix n matches are so perfect..If I have to pick my bestest fave..It has to be 1,2,6,18 and 27..And those boots...They are b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.!!

  16. i think you ended REALLY strong! i love all the looks with that mustard skirt...yum! :)

  17. What an abundance of riches! You pull off so many looks so well.

    If forced to choose, I'd pick number five. It's characteristic of the personality you display here on your blog (and probably also IRL).

  18. gosh .. its difficult ot choose... liked so many .. but least liked was look no. 28.. coudnt pick jus one most liked !!!

  19. I would have never knew this was a challange if you didn't say it. The way you switched it up had me believing that you just did not wear that same top the day before. I'm amazed, but then again you always amaze me. Like I said before great job and you've got style. Perfect example Tanvi.:)

  20. Okay, okay I see the military cardi now...You did an amazing job at this. Maybe I will do it next time around...

  21. Straight to the point, Tanvi? Okay... 22 my most fav, just blew me away. 11 my least - just because I've got a problem with floral tights. xo

  22. What I really love is how u mixed and matched stuff and added accessories to give each outfit a fresh look. Bravo!!

  23. Awesome! Congrats on completing your challenge!

  24. You emerged stylish as always dear! Congrats - tough choice but love lace so 28 may be tops for me!

  25. i think my favourite is number 28 and the least i love is number 26,
    but overall you look adorable!


  26. Can't believe you created so many looks out of just 30 items. Each outfit is unique and has its own charm. I'm conveniently ignoring the "choose a favorite" bit! :)

    PS: I like how you changed your hair for different outfits too!

  27. I totally agree with the comments at the top of your post! Your style is really versatile and fun :)
    I love outfit 23 the most :)


  28. I love them all. It is sooooo hard to choose! But I guess I really adore number ten the most. ;)

  29. Oh well, if you insist that I choose! ; )

    I think you did really well at the remix. For the first two weeks I didn't even really see many of the same pieces, or I didn't notice, anyway. I think my absolute favourite was # 15, but then I just love a good dress, and those necklaces were awesome!

  30. holy smoking hot! love #5. but #19 is just too cute as well! always looking a amazing as usual.

  31. Hey, i can;t point out favourite pics but i can surely point out what i liked in each pic. and eye behind the lence was superb.That we will discuss at home:)
    Now enjoy other outfits which are waiting for you in your wardrob.
    Enjoy rest of 2010.

  32. Love this post and seeing all the 30 outfits. I love 23 and 27 the best!

  33. i love how you posted all these outfits! 5 has got to be my favorite coz i'm partial to leopard :)


  34. my gawd...u actually pulled it off...
    hats off!
    n u look smashing all over...
    i counted the ones that were my fav on my fingers almost n then gave up on having to use all numbers from 1 to 30:-)

    but the top three slots would go to 4,14 n 23:-)
    congratulations n stay as inspiringly stylish a diva as u are:-)

  35. I love your looks 11, 17 and 27 the best. Seriously Tanvi, you have style!

  36. I love seeing them all together like this! Favorites are 5, 27 & 3 but I love them all really :) xoxo

  37. I like #2, #7 and all the yellows!! Have I bored you enough with my yellow bias yet?? ;)

  38. I really love some eclectic pieces here! I totally agree-you're so versatile and I'm always excited to see what you put together :)

  39. OK, first, congratulations. It's a huge feat to do this, one that I wouldn't even think about undertaking. Second, I realize that I've thrown around the word favorite almost everytime you've posted a recap of outfits, but I'm sticking with my choice. 23 is my favorite! I'm sure you must be sick of all these clothes now that you've remixed them over and over again, but I want to see more of that sweater!

  40. Hi Tanvii!
    you, me and some other fabulous style bloggers are in this weeks sunday expresss magazine (which comes with the Indian Express newspaper)In India, its a story on online fashion, check it out when you can :)

    Everytime I look at these 30 outfits...I keep on looking! they're awesome!


  41. Thanks for including my quote! You know, when I looked at your 30 pictures I was just floored at how you cna look completely different every day. It's like you never fall into a style rut! I wish I could be the same!


  42. No 3 and 22 come closest! :) Good job, honey! Now, just breathe! :)

    Waitig for more from you!

  43. Don't make meee choooseeee!

    I think you managed to do a pretty awesome job...and you stuck to it...(which no doubt you would have)

    Did you go and hug all your other clothes??? Mommy missed you types?

  44. can't choose a fav. like all of them

  45. I love your look 28 !

    I hope you will visit my blog (:

  46. ohhh jeeez, y don't ya get a calendar printed babe. like the january 2011 calendar (1 for each day)- ya can calll it 'the survivor kit 2010'
    ;) i love each of them- but 4, 9, 13, 22, 27, 29 , 30- look kickarse on teh spread !:)

  47. hmmmmm 25 Or 17......... I just can't decide!


    Check out my Great "Wool & The Gang" Give away


  48. I honestly couldn't pick one - they all work so well for so many different reasons. Congrats on completing the challenge!

  49. My favourite is number 10. Those glitter leggings are awesome! But I also love no. 12, 30, 4 and 7. Least favourite? Well, not that I hate any of these looks, but honestly I think no. 2 is a bit unflattering and in no. 24 there is too much going on for my taste (socks on top of tights and more socks on top of them).

  50. You have got a lovely blog - Glad to be here ...!!
    Found it difficult to choose 1 - #7, 10, 12, 13, 20 are my most favorites..!!
    However, I like the other pics too..

  51. one word---"mindblowing"
    your sense of fashion n style is just out of the world.....i dont know what to say...i loved them all!!!!!!



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