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Homeward Bound

 Jacket - Urban Outfitters [09']
 Shirt - From Men's Aisle at Marshall's [10']; Boots - DP Italia [10']
Jeggings - J Brand [10']

This is another one of my Dear All posts! ;)

This is going to be my last post [and outfit, incidentally] of the year 2010! oooh sounds so dramatic no? Well, there are only two more day left in the year so I suppose you all can do without me for few days, now can't you? I am off for my yearly trip to my homeland [India!]. However, by no means is this is a goodbye or a sabbatical from the blog. [In fact while I am back home I am inspired to write more often due to the amount of drama and theatrics that goes on back there.

So you will definitely hear from me but just not as frequently but definitely with spicier stuff than usual. Whatever I cannot to say or express to people there [on their face] I always end up barfing it on my blog which in turn is a Win-Win! [How mean do I sound right now? ;)] It also means that it might take me longer to get to your blogs and comment as regularly. I might not have enough time on my hand everyday but I will get there surely. I appreciate your love and patience. 

Lastly, may be it is the year end or that I am getting reflective 'again' and I am aware that this would make me sound like a bad dramatic heroin from a bad dramatic movie but I am really thankful to all the bloggers for their love, and thoughtful messages when my spirits were down and caring about me when I had disappeared unannounced and sending me mails and missing me when I didn't post as frequently. It is like a small family away from home for me. I have come across some fabulous people here and that indeed is the highlight of my 2010. You all have truly changed my life.

So, Thank You, again! 
See you in all 2011

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