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Under Microscope - Seven Looks ...

Last month I had requested all of you to vote 7 of my different looks and you all kindly obliged. Here are the results and my 'Why-What-Where' for each outfit that got the most votes. 

This post is much postponed request of one of the dear bloggers - Shuchita and my cousin Meetu D who had asked for it way back in August 10'. However, it took me this long as I could not choose favorite looks of myself. I do not mean to say that I believe I'm always looking spectacular but I honestly do not take my clothes as seriously as this blog 'portrays'. Sometimes I plan my outfit around different occasions, sometimes around the weather and sometimes even around my shoes. Okay, who are we kidding? mostly around my shoes! However, that is the end of it and I do not give it another thought, thereafter. That is why when someone asks me to give them tips/advice on styling and/or clothes I find it really hard as I am quite sure that I do not have one specific mantra. I just follow my instincts. If I get it right, yay! good for me but if not ... then well, we always have tomorrow. Don't we?

Nonetheless, I have made an attempt to describe my 7 different looks. The title of picture will take you directly to the poll [please do not cast your votes now! That will only change the results. On second thought, do it if you REALLY want to ;)]. I have also included the link of the post in my explanations, where I had originally worn the outfit where you can find more pictures, if you are interested. Also, funny observation - A lot of these outfit were worn in the month of May. Weird, eh? :)

Shall we begin?
Casual Chic
This was a close Poll and this outfit 'won' just by 'one' vote [Gettit! Gettit? No? Never mind!]. I wore this outfit to go watch SATC2 back in May here. I have had this tunic (worn as dress) for about 3.5 years now and this was the first time I wore it sans bottoms. There are two reasons for it 1) It was a really HOT summer afternoon 2) I believe I have the legs to wear it as a dress now. The color was spot on with the seasons' Safari/Khaki trend. I wore those pointed shoes because i knew the day didn't involve much walking. I am always for comfort first, fashion or no fashion! In the past I have worn it with different colored belts but here I thought the necklace was bring enough color.
I do not particularly like wearing Denims in summers. They stick a bit too close to my body and that makes me frown a lot. It is, also, feel very uncomfortable. However, if my legs are not prepared to face the daylight [read: waxed] I have no option but to cover them. I wore this outfit to go meet some friends for coffee on a Sunday evening here, again back in May. Creme Button downs shouted 'summers' to me and that tan belt was a perfect touch to keep the outfit casual and sharp at the same time. 
I had worn this Tracy Reese dress back in May (again) for a friend's wedding here. I was meeting all my college friends after almost 6-5 years and last they have seen me was when I weighed 50 pounds heavier. I wanted to make a statement but definitely not take the focus away from the bride. The wedding was in New Orleans which is very humid around that time of the year so wanted it to be simple and breezy too. This dress fit the bill to the T. I kept my hair and make up simple (as always!) and went easy on accessories. I wore my metallic pumps (second favorite) and big chunky earrings. I quite like how it turned out in the end and no wonder almost everyone voted for this dress. 
This is from last winter. I wore this outfit for our usual weekend Date. The suede pumps (first favorite) matched the dressy sweater so well that I couldn't resist pairing them together and finished the look with a mirror-heart pendant. I was wearing a full sleeve tee shirt underneath and in the end was appropriately dressed for a cold-cold night! Regardless of the weather, I look so happy in this picture, don't I? :)
This is from our Mother-Daughter getaway to North Carolina in June 10' here. This was right after a long day spent getting pampered at the Spa. We were off for dinner and I wanted to dress comfortable and resort-like for the rest of the day. Paired a statement-necklace with an otherwise simple look to make it just a little bit more than 'beachy'. I am wearing neon pink fil-flops underneath. 
Travel Wear
This is how I had arrived in Boston, back in April this year, to say Goodbye to a friend who has now moved to London, U.K. here. It was a short 4 day trip, hence I was only carring hand-luggage and was dressed to continue the day straight from the airport as my friend had planned a lunch and other activities straight after my arrival. Scarf was to keep me warm in the flight and the jacket was appropriate for the spring in Boston, MA. Those booties are so versatile. They went almost with all my outfits in those 4 days. Don't believe me? Check here!
Black Pants/Jeans
Last but not the least, this is the outfit I wore here back in February this year. I was dressed for a Saturday brunch date with husband. We stopped by a locality on the way to click pictures as the location looked lovely around that time of the year. However, I would like to mention that I think I am looking stupid in this picture. What's up with that expression? Also, I was surprised that our of all the 6 looks this one got the most voted. 

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