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Time to bring out the Jackets

Outfit is Indo-Western Fusion
Shantanu & Nikhil (Indian Designers) [07']
Shoes - Nina [07']
 Jacket/Coat - Tahari [10']

Back in April when I  had visited Boston, I was having a girls day out with my middle-school friends (imagine!)! After a couple of glasses of wine and food and strolling around Newbury Street, one of the two friends informed that she needed a 'Jacket' as she resides in NYC and could always use 'another' one in her closet. Since we had exhausted (read: achieved!) all our plans for the day, we all agreed and entered the first store (Lords & Taylor) we could find [my legs were killing me 'coz I was donning these beauties booties all day!]. She was trying one jacket/coat after another, dissatisfied with the fit. That's when I saw 'this' jacket hanging and asked her to try it. Unfortunately it was not in her size but mine (of course!). I tried it and it fit perfectly but I told my friends I had enough jackets to clothe a small country so I definitely did not need another one [also I live in Texas so how many could I possible justify?]. But as I was about to take it off and hang it back on the rack-rails, I saw 3 woman staring at me and the jacket and waiting for me to take it off so that she could buy (try!?!?) it! That's it! I decided there and then that, "I am going to buy this jacket". After all it is not like I was buying a Russian Fur Coat, for crying out loud! 

I have learnt that if I haven't written a post by 9pm max. I shouldn't even bother ... 'coz after that my energy is low [I wake up by 6am-ish] and I am literally dragging my fingers through the keyboard and letting sentences form without any thought! Knowing how honest I can be, it is a really scary thing and I should 'really' avoid it! 

P.S. As for the two 'Pictures' from yesterday's post, Geeta guessed both the locations spot on! First is Budapest and second is Disney, Florida. 

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