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...till we meet again!

1:01 AM

Sorry guys I have not started my 30 for 30, yet! On weekdays I jump from my PJs, into my Gym gear and then right back into my PJs, unless I have to run errands! Let's hope we start soon else the 30 days won't ever end! But nonetheless this is the last post with items outside My Picks: 30 for 30

Today I am very excited to show you how I had dressed over the weekend 'coz that will prove that I am not 'empty words' but instead, how I 'walk my talk'. I had mentioned here about my shopping philosophy and how I never shop till I can picture myself wearing each piece of clothing in at least 3 different ways. This is how we do it ... ;)

Dressed for my last shopping day (for the next 30 days)
Dress - Tulle [09']
Belt - Thrifted [10']
Sweater - Gap [09']
Boots - Ecco [09']
Owl Necklace - Etsy [10']
(I) April 10' (II) July 10' (III) November 10'

Dressed for a casual dinner date 
Peter Pan Top - Pins and Needle [10']
Skirt - BCBG [09']
Boots - TJ Maxx [03']
Bracelets - ASOS [10']
(I) December 09' (II) April 10' (III) July 10' (IV) November 10'
Do you think I did good? 
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  1. You are a remixing queen!! Love the purple sweater and how amazingly and surprisingly well it goes with the dress! No shopping for 30 days!!!! I will pray for you and keep my fingers crossed! :)

  2. yes, u did good:-) those red MK are to die for!! I swoon every time i see them:-)and all the best for the next 30 days..I don't abt u but I am super excited abt this new adventure!!

  3. You did! What inspired ways of wearing things, you make them look completely different. I adore that black skirt, I love a high waist! xxx

  4. You have a very nice blog here... Wow I am in awe :)

    Nice post too!


  5. I love the red dress! Your wore it so well all those times!

  6. oh you look so cute almost like a little schoolgirl :)

  7. color of d sweater is so yummy...
    im so waiting to see your 30 for 30...m sure sum really nice experiments r on d way..!

  8. I love this 30 for 30 idea. You did a good job of changing up those two outfits darl! x


  9. Holy Moly, loving the 3 ways looks, and that cute stripe Peter Pan top monochrome ensemble!

  10. I love the way each outfit looks completely differnet! I definitely can't do that, I end up wearing the same pieces in the same ways over and over... how dull!


  11. Hi Tanvi,
    You show how versatile n brilliant you are...with such a wholesome n amazing sense of fashion n dressing...
    All the looks are so different n yet smashing
    Hats off to the lady whose style has no match:-)

  12. i think you did wayyy beyond good Tanvi! love your Tulle Dress and you outfit with the neck tie! way to go chika..xo.

  13. I think you look very good and are extremely creative at mixing up things and coming up with something absolutely awesome!!!

  14. VERY nice remixing dear! Can't wait for the rest of the outfits!

  15. I Do like it! You are showing us great ways how to make the most of an item.

  16. Oh wow! Love the way you've used each element! And you clearly have a knack for picking out versatile pieces! :)

    Follow my blog at http://fortheloveoffashionandotherthing.blogspot.com

  17. Oh, you definitely did more than good! I can't wait for you to start your 30 for 30 remixes:)


  18. a.IN LAUVE with purple sweater.
    b.Totally adore 2 and 3 look of black BCBG SKIRT.
    c U look skool girl cute in blue "i love new york" Tee.. wanted to tell in july post itself...oops m I too late to tell u now( sweet face)

  19. Ofcourse you did great..I love the addition of the purple sweater over the gingham dress..How creative and unique!! :)

  20. hey never thought the words were empty,all the looks are great

  21. Wow...Im totally inspired by your post! I need to try and wear my skirts in so many different ways..Love that

    Btw: I totally agree with you about the eyebrows issue:)I love them big too:)

  22. I think you did fabulously! I can't wait to see what you do for your 30 for 30. You're so inspiring, my dear! xoxo

  23. Way more than pass. Can't wait to see your 30-30. Love the blue sweater look.

    'Empty words' ... what's all that about?

  24. I think you did great! I especially love that grey blouse with the tie around the neck. Adorable!

    Can't way to see your 30 for 30 remixes!


  25. You didn't do good. You did GREAT!! ... but of course!

    You've made that dress look so different! Not easy, that is a distinctive pattern. You are a genius my Tanvivacious!

  26. You did great! I like plain black skirts and denim skirts--they can always make a whole new outfit with a few tweaks!

    Like your wall and trunk in the last picture--can't help it, I'm a design blogger, my eyes seek it out! :D

  27. Tanvi-I want that BCBG skirt! I love it and it looks great on you.

  28. You are SO amazing at remixing! That skirt is adorable and clearly gives you countless options!

  29. You have great and creative style! I love the first pic. You look fantastic. Have a great day!:)

  30. cute! you have some very pretty items. Nice styling.

    I am the same way, I don't go out everyday, so I don't see a point in getting dressed. But for this challenge I'm going to try to be more consistent....
    xoxo Annie

  31. LOVE your red pumps/sandals in the last set of pictures! Chic!


  32. You did awesome love!!! It's sooooo interesting to see each piece of your outfit take a different character for each different look! It's almost as if they are ALL different pieces of clothing! Simply rocking!!!

    Lots of love,
    Polka Princess

  33. Tanvi,

    As usual excellent pictures. I will have to enhance my vocabulary to appreciate the pictures. I cannot keep on using the same words.

    For your posts, the photographer has to amazing amount of work. May be you can give little credit and add a note 'Pictures by......' I assume your husband takes pictures and I am a big supporter of all husbands who support wives.

  34. the pencil skirt looks great on you! very chic ways to wear them!

  35. Nice! that is definitely a good philosophy to keep. Versatility is the key to a great wardrobe!!!

  36. I like the blue sweater. Very very nice.


  37. Picturing yourself in an outfit in 3 different ways is great advice. April 2010 from the first look and July 2010 from the second look are my favorites. And the 30 for 30 thingy sounds exciting and very challenging...go for it!!

  38. Tanvii -
    That Cobalt Blue sweater is to die for...and I love the juxtaposition of that blue with the checkered fabric. Pretty!
    I love all the looks and even more the philosophy behind them! With the current state of the planet and world economy in mind, conservation and recycling are more important than ever. For you to pull it off so fashionably- my hat's off to you! :D

    Love, love the skirt. I especially love the look with the t-shirt and heels, so fun! :))

  39. Tanvii-
    Thanks for your suggestion :D
    Honestly, I don't mean to clog up your comments but this was the only way I could say thank you :))

  40. That's a good motto to shop by. And you did well in both outfits.

  41. yes, you did great. I like all of these looks. You looked really nice.

    Hope you visit my blog. Follow if you wish and i'll return the favor.


  42. you did great!!!!!! all the looks don't just look amazing, they look so different!!!! i love love love your deep blue gap sweater. such a gorgeous color!

  43. the April '10 versions are my faves in both sets :)can't wait for this 30-30 thing to begin! But I know it'll all be fab! :)

  44. They look great! I just found out about the 30 for 30 today, so a bit too late to start. Especially since I would need a week of planning. I really would like to try it some other time though. So ambitious!

  45. Aah u did really well gurl! :) U have the ease of carrying off anything...and u hav got gr8 taste too.

  46. Yes, you did! You're the remix diva "fo sure":-)

  47. u did fabulous.. no doubt! but loving the black skirt mixes more... maybe it's the skirt/ the color but it looks great in all 5 shots! and that gray top/ tie is a cutie.

  48. u did fabulous.. no doubt! but loving the black skirt mixes more... maybe it's the skirt/ the color but it looks great in all 5 shots! and that gray top/ tie is a cutie.

  49. So i commented about the blue sweater in the next post!

    But anyways...just to emphasize again..you mix and match reallllllly welll...Melange Genius ;-)

  50. very, very good

    it's a good idea to buy something that can be worn in 3 or more ways.

    i love your April '10 look in the Tulle dress the most :>

  51. I love the way you styled that tulle dress with the sweater over top! Love your unapologetic use of bright color!



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