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...till we meet again!

Sorry guys I have not started my 30 for 30, yet! On weekdays I jump from my PJs, into my Gym gear and then right back into my PJs, unless I have to run errands! Let's hope we start soon else the 30 days won't ever end! But nonetheless this is the last post with items outside My Picks: 30 for 30

Today I am very excited to show you how I had dressed over the weekend 'coz that will prove that I am not 'empty words' but instead, how I 'walk my talk'. I had mentioned here about my shopping philosophy and how I never shop till I can picture myself wearing each piece of clothing in at least 3 different ways. This is how we do it ... ;)

Dressed for my last shopping day (for the next 30 days)
Dress - Tulle [09']
Belt - Thrifted [10']
Sweater - Gap [09']
Boots - Ecco [09']
Owl Necklace - Etsy [10']
(I) April 10' (II) July 10' (III) November 10'

Dressed for a casual dinner date 
Peter Pan Top - Pins and Needle [10']
Skirt - BCBG [09']
Boots - TJ Maxx [03']
Bracelets - ASOS [10']
(I) December 09' (II) April 10' (III) July 10' (IV) November 10'
Do you think I did good? 
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